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Join to Second Life Discord Server and share freely your opinions, events, photos, links, and all you think is interesting for the community. Ask for information, suggestions, ideas, or simply chat with others! → Join now: https://discord.gg/5qSfrdyTmDI created this server for Second Life users who want to share their virtual experiences immediately and socialize with each other. Each channel is related to a specific topic that I ask you to respect. If your post does not fit into any of the proposed channels, I suggest you post it in #offtopic. Use the server freely to share your images, promote an event, ask for suggestions, hear people's opinions more experienced than you in a particular area, and, in general, for anything that can be useful to you. You can also socialize using the voice channels (rooms). Second Life is a server designed for the Community at the service of people. Join now → https://discord.gg/5qSfrdyTmDBlog: https://www.virtuality.blog/second-li...FOR MORE INFO ABOUT TUTORIALS, ART, DESTINATIONS, TIP AND TRICKS AND SHOPPING EVENT IN SL VISIT MY BLOG:

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