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Second Life Art And Artists
This is a group for all Second Life art lovers, artists and gallery owners. Show off your work, galleries and art blogs, and even collaborate.
33 members
Cosmopolitan Events
Group for Bi weekly Cosmopolitan and Weekly Hello Tuesday Events, bloggers and designers. THIS IS NOT SPAM GROUP !!! ( blog post not related directly with Cosmo will be deleted!!!) -FOLLOW US- •Blog: http://cosmopolitansl.blogspot.com/ •Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cosmo...
101 members
Second Life⁣® Destinations
If you like to explore destinations in Second Life®, join to this group! Don't be shy and share with us your photos taken during your virtual travels :)
21 members
Uno spazio virtuale, un gruppo, un'entità che esprime i sogni dei suoi fondatori, una dimensione dove trovare momenti di aggregazione e di divertimento da condividere con gli amici. Un punto d'incontro dedicato al relax ed alla buona musica, curato nel dettaglio con passione nel metamondo di ...
19 members
Soleados Dj
The gestures say little;the words a little more;music all ...Music creates friendship,friendship creates music.It can be dance, rock, classic, light, pop ...it remains that music always walks together withour state of mind, it comforts us if we are on the ground,makes us dream if we are in love,it e...
5 members