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Blogging Lifers
Halluuu, this group is for all Second Life bloggers to show your posts and share your styles. Join in and show the Lifers your creativity. xoxo Debbie NO ADVERTISING GROUP ONLY BLOGPOSTS
51 members
Second Life Group -Spam,Designer,Blogger Events and Photography
This group allows publications or post of fashion blogger,designer,events, spam, anything that you want share. Grupo Dedicado a Experiencias, Lugares, y Nuevas tecnologías dentro del Mundo Virtual. Second life Experience, land, Ad, Event, script, design, disco and shopping ·
46 members
Cosmopolitan Events
Group for Bi weekly Cosmopolitan and Weekly Hello Tuesday Events, bloggers and designers. THIS IS NOT SPAM GROUP !!! ( blog post not related directly with Cosmo will be deleted!!!) -FOLLOW US- •Blog: http://cosmopolitansl.blogspot.com/ •Facebook Group: https://www.faceb...
733 members
Fresh Style - Passion4Fashion
Fresh Style is a Bi-Weekly Sales Event aimed to bring together different styles and different designers in one location. Male & Female clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes, hair, skin, shapes, poses, decor…etc. All at a good price!
12 members
::JK Style::
JK Style is fun, casual clothes for your everyday life in SL that will not break your Linden Wallet. This is where you will get the news on JK Style events, sales and everythinmg else you need to know!!
8 members