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Cosmopolitan Events
Group for Bi weekly Cosmopolitan and Weekly Hello Tuesday Events, bloggers and designers. THIS IS NOT SPAM GROUP !!! ( blog post not related directly with Cosmo will be deleted!!!) -FOLLOW US- •Blog: http://cosmopolitansl.blogspot.com/ •Facebook Group: https://www.faceb...
733 members
WEIB - Special Sale Room
Monthly Event ONLY for SLINK Avatar enhancements. 
100 members
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails
For up-to-date news on Dark Passions New Products! Feel free to post your blogging of our products too! Specializing in the Dark & Unusual Side of SL! Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spectacle/45/49/81 On Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/545 Store Blo...
322 members
Style and Addict by Evenementia
Style & Addict by Evenementia is a fashion blog and groupe which aim is to keep informed about all news, promotion, freebies and events related to fashion. Blog: http://www.styleandaddict.blogspot.fr/
482 members
Dondi's Doodads
Dondi's Doodads where fun, fashion, and affordable all come together under one roof.  Women's clothing, accessories, lingerie, shoes, etc. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/80660 inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunset%20Grove/209/94/21
300 members
❤News on all the latest releases & gifts @ Ezmerelda's❤ Market Place: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/69252
88 members
The Jazz age & Swing era
The ART DECO era The Jazz age, the Roaring 20's and Swinging 30's fans and aficionados. Between the two Great Wars which so dominate the 20th. Century there developed an era of style, with it own form of Art, in Music, in Clothing, in Architecture, that it influence still today captiva...
34 members
The VERNIAN World Some call it Steampunk, others just Victorian Science fiction, but it the visionary writings of Jules Verne, witch inspired so much of the science and the Science fiction of the era, and a Legacy which continues on today.   In a age, where New Inventions where changin...
28 members
M.Y. Studio Productions
The Latest TV Productions Studio about Second Life to showcase Shows about Fashion, Hunts, Places to go, Game Shows, Music and More .... If interested, Contact MaxinePoison Resident in-world
166 members
PoSsEsSeD Night Club
Follow Us On FB  <--Click here   Est.2012.  Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Industrial & more. Fun, Friendly, No discrimination, no cliques, fantastic music, Unique and Original. The only club in SL that changes the decor to match the DJs sets, and Home to the ONLY & Original&...
141 members
All for $ 51 $
All our products in the marketplace, will be sold for only $ 51, welcome purchases https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/69692
160 members
SZD Fashion
Szd news and promo!
145 members
[ 0-50 ] *Fashion Victim*
No! 0-50 is NOT the limit on your age!  It's LINDENS!!  We are giving out Landmarks and information for places all over SL that offer gifts to make an amazing avi for only $0-50 Lindens!  So, no money, no problem, many of the gifts are FREE!  Feel free to talk about this...
113 members
Gotcha é um grupo de relacionamentos, encontros e namoros online SL & RL. Aqui você conhecerá um parceiro ideal ou até mesmo um grupo de pessoas para compartilhar suas aventuras, seus lugares preferidos, festas, eventos... Aqui você nunca ficar&aac...
172 members
Exhibitionista Nirvana and Eostri bring you a new twist to the burlesque experience in Second Life! Performing at The Sable Club and  in Convergence City monthly!! IM for rates and info on performances! 
150 members
Prism Entertainment
We are a Club on Secondlife and our Stream is connected to a Live Radio Broadcast on the Internet. It serves 18000 Listeners from around the world. My Performers come from all over the world with every type of Genre. From DJs to Live Singers. We are currently Hiring all Staff of Djs, Live perform...
52 members
M&P Kreation
Leash Holder, Manschetten, Gurt, Ring, Hochzeitskutsche, Taschen, Lagerfeuer, Lage des Sim Inseln, Skyboxen, Kirche, Kragen, Tiki und einiges mehr                   ★ ★ ★ ★ Mein Marktplatz    ...
161 members