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How would you like to use Avatarbook?
Anandaheart resident
Astalea Catnap
Velo Grau
I would like to talk to people and exchange Second Life experiences with them.
9 votes
Anandaheart resident
WildBill March
I don't want to socialize. I just want to share my blog post or SURL and run away.
2 votes

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May 7 '20

The Wall

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Morrigan Price-Foster Patron
May 11 '20
Alternatively maybe there would be a way to filter blogs out? When I logged in today almost the entire front page was blogs and ads.
Cordelia Tokunaga Patron
May 7 '20
⁣Honestly, if I want to read a blog I can go to flickr and find what resonates with me. Experiences are so much more meaningful. I want to know what someone is working on. A new place they have built or discovered. What they are doing to pass the tim⁣e during the current crisis. What they are roleplaying these days. That is something I can sink my teeth in.