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In your opinion, which answers are correct? (add yours if necessary)
WildBill March
Astalea Sunny
Velo Grau
SL is an online virtual world
29 votes
Astalea Sunny
Lia Sharpshire
SL is a 3D social network
13 votes
Astalea Sunny
Midnite Noon
Unholy Legion
SL is an alternative to real life, with all feelings and the "soul"
9 votes
Lisa Koskinen
Ina Carpaccio
Lostrise kira
SL is a creative 3D platform
5 votes
Fiona Ravagwyn
Shut up! SL isn't a GAME, it's a LIFE!
2 votes
Unholy Legion
SL is a "MMORPG" PC game
1 votes
Unholy Legion
SL is a 3D "Sandbox" PC game
1 votes
Unholy Legion
SL is a cool marketing tool
1 votes
SL is just a PC game, with no standard objectives
0 votes

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Mar 16 '16

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Cordelia Tokunaga Patron
May 7
I will always say SL works hundreds of different ways for hundreds of different people. I think the goal is to find people that mesh with your thoughts on how it works and you will have the better overall experience. You do you :D ♥