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What do you think about overreactions (drama) in Second Life? (open)
Gigz Arud
LadyThylia Beaumont
Suellen Heartsong
I'm allergic to drama.
5 votes
Sasha Grimlkin
Charlotte Whimsy
Lycari Ghostraven
Welcome to typical human nature, whether on SL, or in IRL, it's still the same thing no matter what
5 votes
It always makes me laugh.
1 votes
Overreactions are the basis for the human behaviour in SL.
0 votes
People who overreact have problems with their ego.
0 votes
I don't care drama.
0 votes
Shrugs shoulders and thinks WTF and move on.
0 votes
I think sometimes people feel more comfortable to be rude, tacky, immoral, and/or without principles when it's online and they believe their behavior will have no affect on their real lives.
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Oct 24 '15

The Wall

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