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What do you think about overreactions (drama) in Second Life? (open)
Anandaheart resident
Velo Grau
LadyThylia Beaumont
I'm allergic to drama.
12 votes
Zan Stone
Astalea Catnap
Gia Blossom
Welcome to typical human nature, whether on SL, or in IRL, it's still the same thing no matter what
10 votes
Zan Stone
WildBill March
Sippy Badbones
I think sometimes people feel more comfortable to be rude, tacky, immoral, and/or without principles when it's online and they believe their behavior will have no affect on their real lives.
5 votes
It always makes me laugh.
1 votes
Shrugs shoulders and thinks WTF and move on.
1 votes
Overreactions are the basis for the human behaviour in SL.
0 votes
People who overreact have problems with their ego.
0 votes
I don't care drama.
0 votes

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Oct 24 '15

The Wall

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