Which hands and/or feet do you use the most in SL? (As a nail applier maker I'm curious to know.)
Mia Zole
Myst Cobalt
SLink Mesh Hands & Feet
35 votes
Moll Flanders
Lostrise kira
Bluejeans2 Writer
Maitreya Mesh Body with Hands & Feet
34 votes
Melyna Foxclaw
Daisy Red Storm
Belleza Mesh Body with Hands & Feet
5 votes
Clint Saxondale
Maarii Bachem
The Mesh Project (TMP)
3 votes
Francois Muircastle
I don't like mesh body parts
1 votes
None. I like my SL system ones.
0 votes
None but I wear Nail attachments over the system ones.
0 votes
SLing Mesh Finger Nails & Toenails (no mesh hands/feet)
0 votes
Maitreya hands, Slink feet (because I already bought those shoes)
0 votes

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Bcreative Wilde
Bcreative Wilde
Mar 31 '15

The Wall

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