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why we cannot have as many groups as we like ? it would have been so much easy for us that we have hunts
Zan Stone
Cordelia Tokunaga
Morrigan Price-Foster
Groups are used the wrong way. They are for access or social interaction. If people want to be informed about events, parties, shopping sales or other things they can use subscribe o matics that don't use up any SL group space and still keep you informed
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Nikki Alice
Velo Grau
Moll Flanders
Yup, same problem here -,-. Every hunt, shop, club, event has a group, some are free, but for some I need to pay, why we cannot have more group slots? I really dont like to delete my groups every time!!! :/
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kalliopi Ziplon
I completely agree, it was even worse when we could only have 25 groups!
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Anandaheart resident
I definitely need more group slots since I'm interested in a lot of things in sl (events of any kind: art, music, literature), shopping etc etc & not every group owner offers subscribers. So yes SL: give us more group slots :D
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The worst thing for me I keep forgetting which groups were free and which were paid so I sometimes delete a group I paid to join. So frustrating!!!!
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kalliopi Ziplon
kalliopi Ziplon
Jan 5 '15

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