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What are your thoughts on The Mesh Project avatar/skin/shape? http://themeshproject.org/
Lostrise kira
ʝѻʂɧטą ʂƈɧטĮƫɀ (vampjoshi)
Love it
18 votes
Sasha Gravett
Synestra Drakon
They are okay. I just find it odd that they seemed to flourish when the other "preferred" mesh bodies were getting shut down by DCMA. And their mesh bodies were way better than TMP.
16 votes
Mika Rainfall (Michelle Avalon Smith)
To be honest, not interested in Mesh bodies ... I'd rather have more options to "customiize" my own avatar
14 votes
Daisy Red Storm
Adira Lux
Hate it (waste of lindens)
13 votes
After trying the Demos to all those available for women and seeing the youtube blog to each I picked Maitreya Lara as my choice. Its the easiest to work and along with the Omega System I can find outfits to wear.
5 votes
Adira Lux
I do not like the look of the female TMP body
3 votes
Selene Wolf
Never heard of it
2 votes
I usually wear the TMP mesh body, though I do have two complaints (well I have more, haha, but these are the big two). I really wish they would work with Omega Appliers and allow for better compatibility of SLink hands and feet. It is making me lean more towards the Maitreya mesh body day by day.
2 votes
Billy Dollinger
I wear it because it's the only choice for men right now.
1 votes
I wear my meshes when i'm naked, cuz too complicated to dress lol
1 votes
The Mesh Project is extremely user unfriendly, their pay/HUD system is a nightmare, creators have to give them their textures full perm in order to make appliers, and they have the power to turn off any applier they want, regardless of who made it or who bought it. I think they are the worst option.
1 votes
You can customize your body as the mesh is like wearing a smooth foam over your own shape..plus you can wear your own head..i have most of the mesh bodys and several heads..but usually wear maitreya as it works best with whats out there in clothing. i would rather wear their feet and hands..but some shoes i have to wear slink. only complaint i have is the alpha channel needs more finer tuning in the panels.
0 votes
I love the TMP body, but the hud is a drama and very user unfriendly. Second is that it is not compatible with omega
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Roni Whitefalcon
Roni Whitefalcon
Oct 21 '14

The Wall

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Sep 5 '15
I love the Maitreya Lara, easiest after trying the demos and using the Omega System. Just wish some designers would update the Tanga/Lola appliers that will go with the Mesh Bodies.
Jun 11 '15
I added one...i just dont like the look of the TMP female features...
Jan 8 '15
It's not that I hate them...they're just ridiculously expensive whereas, you can get a BETTER mesh avatar from Maitreya or Belleza for HALF of what The Shops offer.
Jan 6 '15
I do not like the way you have to shop for them. I find it unessicarily time consuming. And I am not all that impressed with the products.
Oct 30 '14
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