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Do you have a relationship in Second Life?
Khai Tokunaga
Cordelia Tokunaga
Luke Foster
36 votes
Velo Grau
Unholy Legion
Lia Sharpshire
18 votes
Lilymai Titanium
Sasha Gravett
RL + SL - with the same guy
6 votes
Gia Blossom
Sixx McMahon
Forever alone:)
5 votes
SamanthaS Nightfire
Susannah Mcminnar
No romantic relationship, but lots of dear sweet friends
3 votes
Mai Yutani
It's complicated...
1 votes
Partnership only.
1 votes
Why be in dramaville?
1 votes
Jeana Blackheart
Not sure anymore. I've been offline too long.
1 votes
Unholy Legion
Not at the moment :(
1 votes
No, not at the moment. I can't seem to find anyone who understands what its like to be busy all the time and not want to be up in my culo sucking the oxygen out lol
0 votes
I use to long time ago , its hard to find one that do not have his only mind to sex and can talk and be fun
0 votes
More than one. I'm polyamorous.
0 votes
Not really anymore. He left SL and I don't know for how long.
0 votes
Break up ._.
0 votes
I have a crush on someone
0 votes

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Mika Zuzu
Mika Zuzu
May 21 '14

The Wall

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Dec 20 '19
Partnered my rl boyfriend. He made an avi just for fun but doesn't do sl. blush
Feb 20 '15
I had a really great sl relationship. We were together for over 3 years and then one day he broke my heart and I lost trust in him...I'm done with sl relationships...twice was enough for me. Now, my love is my sl daughters...they are my heart and soul and have become my rl best friends.
LadyThylia Beaumont
Oct 28 '14
My husband works away from home for months at a time so SL is a great way we connect while he's away. We used to meet on there when he was deployed as well. (When the net worked for him that is)