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Activity: May 12

RYL Weekpictures

Soooo Description. All pictures in this group are Wochenbilder or Picture of the week. In short at the moment I have no space in my shop to show all gone pictures. That is the cause u have at the moment always one week to buy them for your house or something else. But u can im me If u wanna have this or this picture on for example the Hammock I have in shop. Then I will will change the current picture for u. It will cost same as the current picture. So u can make with many of my furnitures. If u wanna have simple an older picture, write me in sl and I will short rez a vendor with it. If there are changes I will write a blog. (Here are not all pictures uploaded. Only these I uploaded since I am at avatarbook. ) Every picture has also a simple rug.