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BrendonPatrick MacRory
BrendonPatrick MacRory
Activity: Mar 28

Out for a Drive

4-1.2 Liter Bentley Blower of 1929 The Early automobiles of E.O.Bentley, where BRUTS!. There where fast, and they where powerful, but they where not easy to handle. Powerd not by a standard Automobile engine, Bentley instead bought Austin Lorrie engines, Large 4-1/2 Liter 4 cylinders, they mounted that on a comparatively light automobile carraige (Though to be honest, Bentley autos where neather petite nor light) then place a industrial Roots Supercharger on it, or as it was know then, a Blower (that that large chunk of metal mounted in front of the Radiator Grill. This also meant that the Carburetors had to be mounted up front) Ettore Bugatti called the car's of E.O.Bentley “the fastest lorrie in the world.”