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BrendonPatrick MacRory
BrendonPatrick MacRory
Activity: Mar 28 '20

Auld Father Christmas/Saint Nicholas

Long before his Maddison Avenue Make over, the Jolly man we know in his signature Red outfit, and his ride of Flying Reindeer, there was Father Christmas, a slow evolution from Saint Nicholas. He walked more, avoided cookies and sweets, could at times be a bit stern, but it was out of wanting the best for every one. He traveled by Donkey, Kids would leave out hay for the Donkey. Father Christmas also had long before the Elf's, a now long forgotten helper, Esteban, an Oriental we are told, probably Moorish in Origins , could be Mischievous and a prankster. Particularly to those kids who not behaved as good as they should have in the previous year. ( So Kids, you better be good, or you may wake up to fine a lump of coal in your stockings) Father Christmas, relaxing after a very hectic season and a Long Cold night of Work, Seat by a warm fire, and a Hot Chocolate, in the Inviting Nelson's Blood Tavern.