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BrendonPatrick MacRory
BrendonPatrick MacRory
Activity: Mar 28 '20

The Mercury Room & Owl's, Old Hollywood HOOTERY

The Home of the MANTOVA RADIO HOUR The Mercury Room captures the style and feel of the elegance that was OLD HOLLYWOOD, With it ART DECO styling and 1920’s and 1930’s Jazz and Swing Music, this is a GREAT Dance Venue. The Mercury Room plays 1920’s Jazz, 1930’s Swing, Texas Swing, and “Music Noir”, What Music Noir you ask? Music Noir, It that late in the Night , rain pouring out side, Desk with a Glass of Scotch and Water half full seating on a Newspaper , a Cigar in a Ashtray slowly smoldering and a guy behind the desk in a trench coat, when a knock upon the door from a Dame, who looks as if her dress had been poured out of a can onto her, silkily and sleek with a Problem, there always a Problem, type of Music, that Music Noir.