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  • Madison
    How's SL been for you lately? What have you enjoyed most lately? :)
    Morrigan Price-Foster Patron
    May 12 '20
    Being with my people keeps me sane. Roleplay, so much roleplay and hosting weddings.
    Cordelia Tokunaga Patron
    May 12 '20
    Roleplay is my go to. Morrigan and I have been exploring a lot more lately and getting off the platform. Boating, clubs and adventuring. Wedding planning for people is also a really lovely distraction. :)
    Luke Foster
    May 12 '20
    RP and general trolling smirk
    May 18 '20
    SL has been enjoyable for me. I've enjoyed being able to connect with people and am THRILLED that I don't have to socially distance here! laughing
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