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  • Madison
    What genre of music do you want to hear more of on Second Life? If anyone would care to answer :)
    Apr 27 '20
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    Melyna Foxclaw
    Apr 29 '20
    I would like to hear more Electronica... although, I don't have a whole lotta time to get to parties much... And Latin music. Maybe some Jazz. I like lots of different types of music. And lastly., some current radio hits! I don't get to hear much of those.
    Cyber_Duke Support
    Apr 30 '20
    What about you, Madison? What kind of music do you like? slight_smile
    Apr 30 '20
    I enjoy most types of music. On my stream, I play everything from Frank Sinatra to 50 Cent to EXO. The only typs of music I don't typically play are classical or country. I like classical, I just don't know how many other people want to hang out and listen to Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart....lol
    May 4 '20
    I like pretty much anything besides rap, I like to listen even if its in a different language.
    May 4 '20
    Classical is good to hear, I especially like alot of bagpipes or drums. But yes I dont know what kind of event would use such music. Besides an art gallery or garden. Maybe some sort of museum too.
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