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  • Lusus
    ⁣⁣This is a 360 degree panorama of Hangars Liquides, a sim thats a work of art in its own right. Click the square icon centre right on the image page to view fullscreen. Then drag the image with your mouse.
    Hangar Liquides 360 1 on Momento360
    Hangar Liquides 360 1 on Momento360
    Momento360 | View and share your 360 photos and 360 videos, on the web and in VR
    Feb 28
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    Feb 28
    ⁣Here's the Slurl to Hangars Liquides. If you want to stay on Avatarbook whilst viewing this link, as well as the page above:
    Hover your mouse over the link or pic
    Right click, and from the drop down menu select 'Open in a new tab', or 'open in new window'
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    Zakkari Lukas
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