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Second Life Pro Wrestling Community

Second Life Pro Wrestling Community

Welcome to the Official Second Life Pro Wrestling Community Page/Group ..

For almost 7 to 8 years now, Pro Wrestling has entertained fans within the Second Life community starting with promotions like SLCW, VWA and XWA, and HKWF. Here, fans new and old of Pro Wrestling on Second Life can find information regarding what events and the latest news that is happening around the Second Life Pro Wrestling Community from such Great Promotions like DCWF, VWE, HAWx, ACW, NMW, APW, WPWF, DSE, and more ...

You'll not only find up-coming events posted, but results of past events, possibly Interviews/promo's of current SL Pro Wrestling stars, news and so much more so keep your eye on this space!!!

The Following are UPDATED Show Times and Days (as of 11/14/2015) for the VWE, DCWF, WPWF, HIW, DSE, NMW, ACW, FWF & TCW, DIE, HCW wrestling promotions

[- MONDAY -]

Digital Sports Entertainment (DSE) "Assault" @ 2 pm SLT 

New Millennium Wrestling (NMW) "RISE" @ 4 pm SLT


Apex Championship Wrestling (ACW) "Sabotage" **On Haitus**

Hardcore Championship Wrestling (HCW) @ 3:15 pm SLT

Dark Imagination Entertainment (DIE) "Deliverence" @ 5 pm SLT


Virtual Wrestling Entertainment (VWE) "Primetime" @ 5 pm SLT



[- FRIDAY -]

Furry Wrestling Federation (FWF) "Untamed" @ 1 pm SLT

Total Chaos Wrestling (TCW) @ 3 pm SLT 

Virtual Wrestling Entertainment (VWE) "EDGE" @ 6 pm SLT


Digital Championship Wrestling Federation (DCWF) "Showdown" @ 12 pm SLT

Women's Pro Wrestling Federation (WPWF) "Asylum" @ 6 pm SLT

[- SUNDAY -]

High Impact Wrestling (HIW) "B-Show" @ 2 pm SLT (Bi-Weekly)

Digital Championship Wrestling Federation (DCWF) "Warzone" @ 4 pm SLT


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Curt Bombastic
Nov 8 '14
Thanks for Everyone Showing Interest and liking the SL Pro Wrestling Community Group on Avatarbook ...
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Sep 14 '19
Hi, is the wrestling community still alive? (flex)
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