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Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in Tulips Management. Allow us to do a quick introduction first.

Tulips Management is a combination of 2 experienced artists managers who both worked under their own names. Aerielle worked as Aer&Rock Management with her husband and Twinky had several artists under Waffles Music Agency. In RL Aerielle and Twinky are best friends. So they helped each other a lot. For them it was the natural thing to do, but some people looked up weird that "competing" agencies were working together

As they help each other with many things in SL but also RL, they decided to combine their management skills as a team.

Now they needed a name. Which was found pretty fast. In RL Aerielle works in the floral business and Twinky works at a primary school named De Tulp, which means The Tulip if you translate it. Add the fact that Aerielle and Twinky are both dutch And there, Tulips Management was born.

We do not have a dozen artists in our management, we represent artists we really like as a musician and as a friend. We always try to actual attend the shows of our artists as much as possible. This way our artists know we keep everything in our own control and they don't get stuck with unexperienced or non-caring hosts. We do have a few very close friends working with us, who are as passionate as we are.

We can do a almost everything for our artists, except performing the actual show.

So what can we do for our artists:

- Set up and manage an SL fangroup

- Set up and manage a Subscriber list

- Setting up an informational promo-notecard with all the information a venue need.

- Create an information board with tipjar

- Keeping the information in the board up to date from the server in our control

- Setting up and manage a show calendar (we use Google calendars)

- Making promotional pictures

- All the bookings

- Keep contact with the venues

- Check if the venues have the shows listed in SL Search > Events

- Send messages by Whatsapp, Skype or E-mail to our artists to notify them about their shows

- Sending notices/messages in the artists fangroup and Subscriber list

- Sending notices in about 40 live music and entertainment groups

- Attend as many shows as possible and handing out information, group-invites and welcoming the guests.

- Provide and analyze show statistics, perfectly shown in interesting graphics

(Guest count, how long they stayed and even who they were, how much tips the artist got)

Aerielle and Twinky are not in SL to get rich, they both really enjoy doing all this and they really enjoy the music.

We don't need to send our artists to overpriced photographers, or creators of boards that everyone has. We can do it all ourselves and we make them unique!

With Tulips Management artists can be sure they have a full management at hand who listens to them and always will keep in their mind that everyone has a RL with a RL schedule.

Feel free to contact us any time you want.


AerielleAmaiyah - Manager of Kurt Calamity & Renfoyle

Twinky Waffle - Manager of David Perdu & Rod Hyx

Rock1970 - Assistant manager and statistics analyst

WhippedCream Trill - Venue Manager


With a very special thanks to our trustworthy sponsor and friend Fred Allandale, creator of the Subscriber Kiosk and many add-ons that we love to use

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