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☥ Children of the Nile ☥


Enter into a mystical world full of love and adventure.
1500 years before Christ, Rome was not yet built, the Greeks were not yet aware that they were Greeks, the Trojan War had not yet taken place, as in Egypt, on the banks of the Nile, a high civilization flourished, verifiable only with modern times.

Many provinces of breathtaking beauty have since come together, united in Kemet, eternal empire on the banks of the Nile, through our Horus, the Good Goddess and Daughter of Ra Nebet-Ka-Neferu-Re ', equally led by the heads of the crowned families of all parts of Kemet on the basis of friendship and loyalty and trusting in the protection of the gods and committed to the sacred world order of Ma'at.

Be a part of the only true Empire of SL and join us now!

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