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Hello my name is Kyle or you may call me Kwave. I am going to be giving you information on where you can find out more about me, tune in when I am on air and see our future media. After I will be giving you insight on how I started Djing, my history as a DJ, and the future.

     To start you can always find out more about me at https://djkwave.live, our social media avenues using @djkwave at well known places like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, and in a game or virtual world near you. I DJ in Secondlife the most, but also DJ when playing games like WOW or my upcoming morning show to be announced soon. When I am on air anyone can request music unless it is a closed event. An example of a closed event would be a wedding or birthday party. Of course if I am in a raid or dungeon I may be delayed as well. If in Secondlife, requests are taken at all times unless its a closed event. My stream goes 24/7 whether I am on air or not so if you want to listen, be sure to tune in.

     So how did it all begin? I was a child born to a father who loved music. I used to enjoy seeing him sitting at his stereo making mixed music tapes using a collection of CD's he may have just bought. I was brought up by someone else however and one of the thing I would do especially when my ma was gone is blast the stereo. I would record stuff I heard on the radio and make mixes as more of a playlist pretending like I was on radio. When I was not on radio I was live at a club or event for that radio station playing music, taking requests, and having fun with the crowd. I was always a technological inclined individual and knew Shoutcast in my IRC and website creation days. I just never really used it, I was more into IRC chat rooms and playing with Linux shells. Then later in life in 2007 I got a jump start on my dream.

     In 2007 I stepped into a virtual world called Kaneva. I opened my first club and started adding YouTube videos to my TV's in the club. It was called NyNightClub. We took requests and would load the videos in order of the request and that is how we had to DJ. We had a rival club, a friend really from the West Coast who owned a club called Club Geser. Well this union led to the creation of Club Geser Radio. A station built on music from both coasts of the Unites States. I bought my first shoutcast stream and we had Dj's and things went well for awhile, but things happen and life is not always fair. Later I opened NyNightClub in SL and multiple other venues as time went on. To keep this short I went on to work for RNK Radio and than Monkeylick Radio. I then created the Altered Peace Radio Network and social network and it was one of the greatest projects I would encounter. Later I formed Secret Harmony INSL Social Network and SHRadio and it ran the longest, around one and a half years. The cost was high and it took a lot of time away from life in general and we decided to let it go. In between this time I was always a DJ and still to this day am Djing. The good thing now is I get to focus my time and energy fully into one of the things I love the most.

     I have a great love of music of all genres, a good knowledge of those genres as well, and love to be one with the crowd. I love to do things that have the crowd interact like name that tune, trivia, and other fun things. When I do these things I use my own lindens and it my way to give back to those who show up and love to listen. My base rate in in SecondLife is 500 Lindens (2 hours or less) 750 Lindens (Over 2hrs and 1 min or longer). Anything over 250 lindens in tips goes towards your fee. So if it was two hour set and I made 750 in tips, you would not have to pay a fee. I like to be fair and what I do is not only for the money, so why I have this system in place. I hope to be hearing from you and hope you have learned more about me; if you did not already

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