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Some call it Steampunk, others just Victorian Science fiction, but it the visionary writings of Jules Verne, witch inspired so much of the science and the Science fiction of the era, and a Legacy which continues on today.


In a age, where New Inventions where changing the World, items Like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the Railroad tunnel under the Thames river, A Pneumatic railway, the Larges Ships of the Era, the S.S. Great Western, and S.S. Great Britain. I.K. Brunel thought big. His GWR, was built on a 7'1” Gauge, and could do 100mph, in the 1830', His Paddington Station, was so large and so well designed, that it still Serves today, 150 years later, in as one of the busiest Stations in the World.

Charles Babbage designed and built Mechanical computes in the 1830's.

And Jules Vern predict Space travel, Submarines, Helicopters, Airships all decades before they where Invented.


This is the Vernian World.

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The Wall

Moll Flanders
Feb 17 '15
I have posted a few pictuers of my little Metropolis
Fritz Lang based on the 1927 Classic METROPOLIS, German expressionist epic science fiction drama film. This is my homage to the great film.
BrendonPatrick MacRory
Mar 11 '15
I would like to let all members of The VERNIAN World , that this truly is a GROUP, not simply a affiliation or notice group. That is, all can post, all can comment, the more members participate, the better the group is, if you know some one who you think would enjoy the group, invite them. Have an Adventure in a Vernian mode, or discover a Vernian theme sim, let others here know. Look forward to hearing from all our fellow Vernian.
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