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Regency Somerset, Antiquity Argyle SL

Regency Somerset is a representation of the spirit of the southern English county of Somerset during the Regency. The year is 1814, in The Reign of the Prince-Regent George the IV, Prince of Wales. It's the era of Jane Austen, Beau Brummel and the Duke of Wellington.

Emperor Napoleon of France is creating havoc in Europe, Beethoven and Schubert are performing Music, and a Classical Revival has Iinfluenced design, both in architecture and clothing.

We're under construction but please come see our progress. Take ship via http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antiquity%20Argyle/71/74/26 and land at Port Austen. Here you'll (soon) find a visitor's center, shops, a conservatory tea house, the martello tower defenses and an inn from which you can catch a carriage to the Crescent and the social scene and spa at Bath.

Please keep in mind this is a representation, not a recreation. After visiting many historical sims, including those run by museums and educational institutions, and talked to many people, looking at limits on both plot size and budgets, it was decided a reduced scale was best.

We make no claim of accurate recreation, but merely faithfulness to a theme. Using artistic license and practical compromise we can create a workable sim. To recreate only the Royal Crescent in full scale would require an entire Sim to itself: a truly magnificent build and one we would like to see done one of these days, but without support of a major donor such a creation would not be supportable at this time.

This half-sim is part of the Antiquity Sims, engaging in historically-themed light roleplay. We keep the roleplay easy but ask that you do please visit in Regency attire and Regency character to whatever degree you are able, as this will help create a fuller experience for all. Our shops, once opened, will make this easier for you.

We strive to build an environment where friends of the English Regency, Jane Austen, Hornblower, Aubrey and Maturin, a little Dickens, The Napoleonic Era, and the era's Art and Architecture will enjoy playing, and perhaps learn a little, while accepting our limitations. This is a Work in Progress, a Work Evolving. Thank you for joining us in its creation!

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The Wall

BrendonPatrick MacRory
Mar 9 '15
For those not aware, this is the 200th. Anniversary of the end of the Napoleonic Wars, ending 22 years of War s in Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte had entered a voluntary exile to Elba, but then changed his mind, By the 20th. Of March, he is back in Paris. Events move from there , ending in the Battle of Waterloo, 18th. Of June
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