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Cyber_Duke May 16

So, I did a little research on 50+ facebook groups focused on Second Life. I came to the conclusion that they are all crowded with the SAME content - links to fashion blogs and invitations to clubs.


The fact is that the Facebook algorithm evaluates groups that are spammed by links as less valuable and their organic reach is almost zero. (Not just SL content related links but in general, any links.) And I don't know why the Second Life community doesn't realize it.

As a part of my personal research, I also focused on the quality of the content of Second Life fashion bloggers. Almost every article is just photos and links to clothing manufacturers. No additional added value.

Another fact is that Google's algorithm never moves such content to the top of search results. And like the one above, I don't know why the Second Life community doesn't realize it.

I'm preparing a more detailed article focused on these issues, and although I know I may get a lot of negative reactions - it will be based on the facts about how blogging works in 2020. I believe it will help open the eyes of bloggers and creators in Second Life.

Even because of these paradoxes, we strive to make Avatarbook a place that connects creators, bloggers and all Second Life residents in a sensible, logical and effective way.

Disclaimer: This is not an attack, it's just facts. I really respect bloggers and creators and I would like to help them.

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Cordelia Tokunaga Patron

I am going to be harsh, but its an honest dialog. Its not an attack, merely my own observations as to how I view this world right now.

I am a creator. I spent years as a blogger to the really big names and events in my previous SL life. Morrigan and I run three solid businesses in second life. So I am trying to answer based on ten years of doing all of this. We have fired bloggers over quality, styling, etc. And when I blogged, you bet your sweet ass I would have expected the big guns to drop me if I presented their products poorly.

To be fair I honestly do not click through most of the time. Blogging is SATURATED. A blog to me has to catch my attention. I feel a lot of bloggers today do it for the wrong reasons. Usually its to try and get free items. Most pictures are often vanity shots with no story or dept. I enjoy a good story. The story does not have to come from words themselves, show me in the picture. Don't just mash together a bunch of things you are being forced to cover to clear your to do list.
If you want my attention I require the following things. 1. A good clean crisp quality picture. If you are a creator, I want you to give me an in world picture, not a 3D render. 2. Make it interesting. Give me something beyond a generic selfie. Make it in your style, do not mimic what works for other people. 3. Do not flood me. Once is good. I do not need 10 blog posts in one day. 4. Reciprocate. Talk to people. Engage. If you do not care about what I have to say, I do not care about you. 5. Flickr. Honestly, I do my shopping off Flickr. I go to specific groups for stores and events there to see what is coming out. I can one stop shop all in one place. 6. Styling! Make me say wow. So you cannot jam 5 releases in one post? Quality over quantity. Does your backdrop make sense? Are you in head to toe orange and I cannot differentiate what is what?

stormywillow May 17

So what things would grab a person's attention?

What would make the blog more valuable?

What things make a good blog post?

I know that Cordelia mentioned a few things and, as a rl photographer and an amateur SL photographer, I totally understand what she is saying. IF I were to blog for a creator, I would make sure that it was a high quality photo while making sure not to change how it appears in SL. (Trust me, some of the things I have purchased in SL look way different in the ad than they look in SL. Yes, I know, buy the demo first. But even that does not help when the colors are 'off'. Just sayin.) I would make sure that whatever I am blogging about is the star - which means using a relevant backdrop, but not one where the outfit or product gets 'lost'. But what else, content-wise or photo-wise or headline-wise, makes a good blog post?

Morrigan Price-Foster Patron

I'll chime in too.

I absolutely loathe facebook. Cordelia knows as she has to do all of our social medial presences there. Facebook groups for SL have no value to me personally. The way Facebook arranges content is annoying on a good day. I do not have the patience to click through to the content.

I am more or less our blogger manager, yep the facebook hater... all I care about is if they have a flickr. Any other social media or their own blog? Doesn't matter to me I am not even gonna click the link. It is useless. People are not gonna click your blog 98% of the time. Just because a blogger puts their credits on their site doesn't mean I'll look at it, I'll discard it as useless to me and not bother. Credit everything on Flickr and we are in business.

I am also the one that fires our bloggers for bad pictures. We focus on make up. Anything that doesn't have a close-up available will be a strike against you when I evaluate bloggers. Want to show a full image? Fine also add a close-up or I am not going to accept it in blogotex. Images need to be crisp in good light. Artistic image? Great, but does it use blur or softening effects? Ok no longer great.

Just taking a close-up doesn't do it either. A good picture that will draw attention has a mix of interesting styling, a fitting background, a good pose. Something that looks like it is dynamic. Not just static and boring. And hair, hair is so important. it has to fit well, enhance your face and not look like a poorly fitted wig. Perspective and proportions. Look up the rule of thirds and apply it to your pictures, a poorly framed shot distracts the eye and people are not going to look at it beyond skimming over it.

Did I mention lighting? A good windlight will make or break your picture after you have staged it. There is nothing worse than a good picture with terrible light.

Don't spam. Post into the right groups. A lot of people look at specific groups on Flickr. Pertaining to their interests and the creators their like. Put your images into the creators group, into a new release group, into whatever applicable group that has something to do with the image. Personally I check the groups that have to do with the meshes I wear and the furniture creators I like. Nothing else. I do not browse blogs for fun and entertainment. I can say I have never clicked a blog link on avatarbook, as that is not what I am here for.

Cordelia Tokunaga Patron
Stormy - What grabs attention is unfortunately subjective to many people. But for example if you put on orange hair, pink pants, green shirt, blue eye shadow, red lips I am going to go WTF and keep scrolling. Or if you try to jam a hundred things that do not fit together in a picture I also will pass it by. I personally am drawn to quality clear shots. I hold fine and performing arts degrees so am truly drawn into artistic shots versus generic selfies. I like a picture to be thought out and staged verus slapped together. For example if you are blogging pastels and candy themed stuff and put youself in an ice cream shop, it shows thought. If you are blogging pastels and candy themed things and slap yourself in Satan's dungeon, I am going to wonder if you suffered a concussion. LOL. Also I notice at events if the big brand releases something of course EVERYONE runs to that and shows that. Smaller and interesting things get left in the dust. Dare to break the mold and show things that are not already appearing in 100 other posts. I really hope that helps provide some insight as to how my brain works?
stormywillow May 30
It does. I also think it is helpful information - from both Morrigan and Cordelia. :)
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