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SH@TLIST - public listing and reporting of fraud in Second Life | Forum

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Cyber_Duke Apr 26
Have you been scammed? This thread is for everyone who has fallen victim to any type of fraud in Second Life. Share your experiences and warn other users! Also, don't forget to share this thread with all your friends - together we can make Second Life a safer place for our virtual life! thumbsup
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Morrigan Price-Foster Patron
Not fraud per say but the Noble Creations store was caught stealing mesh from Daz3d. After getting slapped they had to remove those items, instead of learning their lesson they made a second brand and re-uploaded everything, not going to name that new brand as I do not want to give them exposure. But they are pretty prolific mesh thieves.
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Cordelia Tokunaga Patron
Kent Photography - Kent Nowicka

Showed up to a wedding we hosted at our venue as he was hired by the bride and groom for extra pictures. He did not put them on pose balls for the pictures, he took in world snapshots versus high quality photos. He left poses around the land he never cleaned up and did not even use them. He went after the bride via IM telling her what he normally charges and cursed her out while she was having her dance with her husband. He was so horrible he made her cry at her event. Will update to see if he turns over the work he was paid for or not.

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