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stormywillow Apr 26 '20

Hello everyone! Part of what I do in SL is publish stories. Photos are always a huge part of those stories - which means I am always on the hunt for good furniture with possibly different anims than the furniture that EVERYBODY knows and uses.

So, please share with me your favorite store for purchasing furniture in SL. :)

Thanks in advance everyone!

Morrigan Price-Foster Patron
React makes a lot of their own poses, so does Stockholm and Lima The brand new stuff from Fancy Decor (Maddox Bed and after) seems to have a lot of new poses I haven't seen elsewhere yet. So that might be worth checking out.
stormywillow Apr 27 '20

Thank you so much Morrigan! I really appreciate it and will go look at all of those.

I actually found Fancy Decor within the last month, but the others I have not heard of and I cannot wait to check them out!

Anandaheart resident
Nutmeg is always great