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Wishing Star - Marketing and Promotios is hiring Sales Representatives | Forum

Gia Blossom
Gia Blossom Feb 16 '20

Wishing Star ~ Marketing & Promotions (Creative solutions for building brands)

We offer a range of marketing services to businesses or brands; among them the most popular are social media marketing services and inworld promotions at different time zones. This time we as a team are looking for Sales Coordinators.

  • Must be willing to work on commission basis. The commision is not only based on first time clients but also every time the client renews their services.
  • Must follow LL TOS
  • Must have a discord channel for communication purposes
  • Must know about all the services we offer

At Wishing Star your time can be flexible. Details on commision and services will be discussed at the time of interview. Please fill the form https://wishingstarmp.wixsite.com/home/careers if you are interested.

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