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Cyber_Duke Jan 30 '20

This is the official thread dedicated to the development of our community web site. Our community platform is open to various modifications, so our capabilities are almost endless, with the help of clever programmers. Of course, everything takes time, and we also have our RL work and responsibilities, so please be patient and don't be angry if something lasts longer.

The standard of our website is guaranteed long-term support. Our community platform has been running on a dedicated server belonging to our RL company since 2014! Here is the roadmap:


User credits system - Enable users to earn, purchase and spend user credits. But now we can not reveal more info :)

File uploads - Upload files and share with users on site and outside, with categories, credits and many more features.

Video uploads - Yes it's true! You will be able to upload all your Second Life videos straight to Avatarbook. All videos will be clearly categorized and displayed similar to youtube!

Blogging platform - Advanced bloging platform as a part of avatarbook.


Tinder style interest game - Allows to people find and match with each other like the Tinder do. There are also a lot of cool things under the hood!

Blog RSS Feed for profiles - Articles from your external blog will be displayed directly on your profile and automatically updated!

We will inform you about many other things soon. Please visit this thread more often, we will update it at regular intervals.

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