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Mrs. Chelbeigh Dawn Smythe
I can't remember the password for an account, & the email address is wrong. It doesn't belong to me which means I forgot to add the number "98" to it. The username is called alechatfield & the email is called food4me@gmail.com. However it should be food4me98@gmail.com. The account I created was for my Second Life son whom is an alt of mine. I tried emailing the creator of the wrong email address, but I think they no longer use it anymore, because I haven't gotten a reply in over a week. Plus I tried contacting an admin on Avatarbook, & the message said someone will contact you soon, & it has been over a week too. Also the email used to be connected to my real life dog's Facebook before she passed away, so don't judge it. May someone help me please? I hope to hear from someone soon.
Virtual Nomad Support
Virtual Nomad Apr 24 '17
Hello Mrs. Shelby Dawn Kingston,

I'm sorry, but in this case I can not help you, because I have no real proof that the account you are writing about, belongs to you.

The only option is to create a new account. Be careful and use the correct email when you sign up. Have a nice day!

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