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Rosie A Aiken
Rosie A Aiken May 31 '16

This school was created to make a fun and active environment for the citizens of Second Life. Not only will you be learning on campus, but you will be enjoying yourself and having absolute fun at the same time. Everyone is welcome no matter the shape or size, color or flaws. Everyone is family, and everyone WILL get along. Avana caters to all families and teenagers who are seeking a better roleplaying experience. We offer many classes, clubs and sports. Dorms are available for easier living arrangements, and homes are even offered to families who want to live close by. If you can not afford the school tuition, no problem! Financial aid is at your doorstep. You see? We try are best to help the ones who cannot afford school tuition, because we don't want money to be the reason that someone can not attend. Anyway, let's get off of that shall we? Jump aboard and visit our school. You can find more information on how to enroll and other important information throughout the website by using the tabs at the top of the site. See you in school!


The school is free!!! and if you like us even more and want an even better roleplay experience you can pay only 350$L once and done. 

Go to the website for more information!

Havana High School LM
Havana High School Website

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