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Virtual Nomad Support
Virtual Nomad Apr 8 '16
It seems that a lot of members misread the purpose of our Blogging platform. Here are the new official rules, dedicated to this feature.

Before creating a blog post, please make sure it meets the following guidelines:

Blogging platform is like a regular web magazine and is dedicated for publishing FULL articles with a valuable content. We want to make our visitors feel comfortable while reading the magazine, with the pleasant viewing experience.

Articles with lack of content, for example, article only with a single picture, one sentence and link to external site, is not considered as a full blog post and will become subject to deletion.

Please, use the blogging platform for publishing FULL articles. This is a space for all of us, so let's try to keep it clear and organized.
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Virtual Nomad Support
Virtual Nomad May 19


The domain of our website has high authority and it should be in the interest of every member of the community to keep it that way in the future. We don't want to be another Second Life FB group filled with links to external content, so from today, the rules for our internal blogging platform will apply strictly. This update of the guidelines applies to the rule above as well as the following new rules:

1. Our blogging platform is intended for publishing original articles for Avatarbook members and it is forbidden to publish duplicate content in it, which has already been published elsewhere. For example: copying content from your external blog to Avatarbook.

2. It is forbidden to publish articles whose only content is the photo and URL (this rule applies to the quality of the content and is already covered in the introductory description of this forum).

Of course, we're happy to provide space for Second Life bloggers who want to share their external articles, but please share them on the newsfeed as a classic link, or upload a photo whose description is the URL of your article.

These rules apply exclusively to our blogging platform. Articles that do not comply with this rules will be automatically removed by support members.

We should all care about the progress of our Second Life community, so thank you in advance for following these rules.

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