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Roleplay Scene - Irierath part 2 - Alpha Moon

Alpha Moon
Admin: Zel Colton
Created: Oct 23 '14
Zel Colton
Zel Colton Jun 9 '15

[14:56] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) mumbles, 'let me remind you mister it was you that over turned the crate!' chuckles
[14:56] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) smirks as the door opens and chele walks in
[14:56]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): wipes her bare feet on the floor as she walks in
[14:56] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'Chele watch your step!!'
[14:58] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) cranes her neck around, 'you are both bare foot...please watch where you stand, at least until this is all cleaned up...to be safe'
[14:58] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) holds his hands up 'hey... im stood still'
[14:58]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): looks down and lifts her feet one by one 'Should I worry?'
[14:59] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) pauses....'no....dont worry'
[15:01] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): sorry i broke your crate
[15:02] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) waves a hand in a small sweeping gesture, 'doesnt matter, its taken care of. To be safe, i wouldnt use the crates again anyway...' pauses a moment, 'we need to burn it all'
[15:03] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): mhmmm
[15:03] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): who's bringing the marshmallows?
[15:03]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): shifts her weight and pulls her sticky feet from the floor 'I think I'll just step outside'
[15:03]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): shifts her gaze between the two 'I need to wash my feet'
[15:04] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) watches Chele 'its wet cos she just washed it... you're perfectly safe'
[15:04] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): i wouldnt be stood here if it wasnt
[15:05] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'i dont know about marshmallows, but ill bring the flame thrower' waggles her brows
[15:05]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): but they're still sticky
[15:05] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): sticky from what?...its not this floor thats for sure
[15:06] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): shes scrubbed it too well
[15:06] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) rolls her eyes, 'too well? no pleasing some is there' smirks
[15:06] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): oh pfffttttt quit twisting my words
[15:07] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) chuckles, 'was not' gives him beady eyes
[15:07]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): i stepped in something wet in the den by the fridge
[15:08] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at her 'which fridge?'
[15:08]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): the lumen one. i thought maybe it was just condensation.
[15:09] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) rubs his forehead 'thats the one thats skewed... looks like its been moved'
[15:10] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) grabs her arm 'come and wash your feet.... now!'
[15:10]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): "i also found this...' hands Zel a piece of torn fabric, 'It was wedged under the one next to it.'
[15:11] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns and looks at it 'whats this?'
[15:11]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): pulls her arm away 'You said I had nothing to worry about!'
[15:11] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) growls 'that was when i thought it was from this wet floor dammit!... wash them....now!'
[15:12]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): raises her hands in the air and mumbles as she walks out
[15:12] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) follows her
[15:14]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): sits on the bank and dips her feet in the water and starts rubbing them together, stopping to scratch them on the rough ground 'They itch like mad'
[15:15] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) follows close behind her....watching. hearing her words his brow furrows 'itch?'
[15:15] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) furrows her brow, watching Chele intensely
[15:16]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): nods and growls 'To the point where they sting... almost burning'
[15:16] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) crouches beside her 'let me see.... please'


((RP Cut short due to technical Difficulties... watch this space for the next installment))

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