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Roleplay Scene - Zel & Jenna's Checkup - Alpha Moon

Alpha Moon
Admin: Zel Colton
Created: Oct 23 '14
Zel Colton
Zel Colton Jun 9 '15

[15:10] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) purposely clenches his fist
[15:11] αяує (aryebella): furrows her brow a bit at Zel as she takes up the bulb and squeezes it a few times as she puts her fingers on the inside of his wrist feeling his pulse
[15:12] αяує (aryebella): just relax please ...this isn't going to hurt
[15:12] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) chuckles and relaxes his hand
[15:13] αяує (aryebella): looking down at the needle she gives the bulb a few more squeezes before she starts to let the air out ... watching the numbers in sync with the thump of his pulse
[15:14] αяує (aryebella): her brows knit a little as she makes note of the numbers before pulling the cuff off his arm with a rip of the Velcro
[15:15] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) knocks gently on the door and waits patiently
[15:15] αяує (aryebella): Well it is higher than I would like , but with the fact you phased earlier I would say it isn't all that bad
[15:15] αяує (aryebella): turns to the knock ... You are welcome to join us Jenna
[15:16] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): its always a little high
[15:16] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) enters quietly, and closes the door behind her
[15:16] αяує (aryebella): nods ... Lycans have a higher heart rate and pulse than humans but I still think it is a bit high
[15:17] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): i'm fine...
[15:18] αяує (aryebella): eyes him .....Well I still want to check your heart ... would you mind taking off your shirt and laying back for me
[15:19] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): sure
[15:19] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) tugs it off over his head... laying back on the exam table
[15:20] αяує (aryebella): smiles softly as she watches him lay back .... placing the stethoscope into her ears she steps up on the little stool at the edge of the bed and leaned down to press the end to his chest
[15:22] αяує (aryebella): she listens closely for a minute and then move to a second spot and listens again
[15:22] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) takes some slow steady breaths... finding his rhythm
[15:24] αяує (aryebella): after a moment she nods slightly and steps back taking the ends from her ears .... Sounds nice and steady
[15:24] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) curls his lip to a grin.. knowing full well he slowed it
[15:24] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) folds her arms lightly across her chest, her gaze over the floor boards as she casually paces a small area of the floor
[15:24] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): see... told you i was fine
[15:26] αяує (aryebella): she steps back a bit and goes to his chart on the table making a few notes ... Are you still having any pain or tingling?
[15:26] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at her 'I wouldn't call it pain.. more discomfort'
[15:27] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): its nothing a little workout cant fix....
[15:28] αяує (aryebella): makes a few more notes and nods her head ..... I think you still need rest , your lycan abilities are letting you heal faster than most but you nearly died on us
[15:28] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) stares at the ceiling and sighs
[15:29] αяує (aryebella): tilts her head slightly as she looks over at him .... I am serious Zel, you scared the hell out of all of us ... and I for one want you to fully recover from this
[15:29] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): Arye... i said i'm fine. I know my body... im fine
[15:31] αяує (aryebella): eyes him again a bit weary .... I still want to keep a close eye on you, so in a day or two I want to run the test again
[15:32] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): is this really necessary?? i hurled the damn stuff out of my body so hard i couldn't breath... BD tranquilized me to knock me out... i've slept for hours.
[15:33] αяує (aryebella): do I need to tell Chele to take you on a holiday just to make sure that you rest and keep your blood pressure down?
[15:34] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns 'what... hell no. Arye stop worrying will you!. If i notice anything out of the ordinary you'll be the first to know... ok?'
[15:34] αяує (aryebella): nods softly ..... promise? she says as she crosses her arms around herself
[15:35] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) sits and looks her in the eyes 'i promise.... ok?'
[15:35] αяує (aryebella): nods .. ok then
[15:35] αяує (aryebella): Jenna if you would come back here I have a few questions for you too if you don't mind
[15:35] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): can i go now?
[15:36] αяує (aryebella): nods ... Yes I am done with you
[15:36] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): finally!
[15:36] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) glances around behind her at the sound of her name...she pauses, her face a little serious before stepping towards the back of the room
[15:36] αяує (aryebella): Ill leave the notes for Aura to review too
[15:36] αяує (aryebella): smiles softly at Jenna ..... I just wanted to see how you were feeling
[15:36] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) turns and looks at Jenna as he heads out past the screen... pulling his top back over his head
[15:37] αяує (aryebella): any pain , nausea?
[15:38] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) steps over and leans against the side of the exam table, her hands resting either side of her on its edge, she looks at Arye, 'not now...no....but...' she pauses
[15:38] αяує (aryebella): lifts a brow looking at her .... but?
[15:39] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) turns his head... listening
[15:39] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) lowers her voice a little, 'when i came around this morning...i threw up again, just once....but there was some blood in it...' she shakes her head, 'but i feel fine now honestly, i didnt want to worry anyone'
[15:41] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) clenches his fists and jaw hearing her words. He didnt know how he was gonna do it.. but he would find the culprit and make them pay for what they've done to him and his family
[15:42] αяує (aryebella): nods slightly .... it might have just been a reaction to leaves you ingested to help counteract the Wolfsbane ....  and you say it was just the once and only a little blood?
[15:45] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) glances up at Arye, her expression conveyed some concern...she blinks a few times, 'it was the once, yes...but it did bother me, how much i saw', shakes her head, 'i dunno'
[15:46] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) turns and looks at the chair 'i'm just gonna rest here for a sec... dont mind me' sits and sinks into it... closing his eyes
[15:47] αяує (aryebella): furrows her brow a bit ... I am going to have to talk to Aura or maybe BD about that I am afraid that I dont know alot just yet
[15:49] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) smiles a little at her, 'its ok Arye, i feel ok now. It just bothered me some at the time...could have just been the after effect of the leaves i ingested or the drug BD gave me' she nods, telling herself that must be it
[15:50] αяує (aryebella): nods ... ok but I am still going to check with one of them and make sure .... and just like I told Zel .... if you feel anything wrong , even the littlest bit find one of us fast
[15:51] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods to her, 'of course, i will do that'
[15:51] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'thank you Arye' she smiles
[15:51] αяує (aryebella): nods ... Good cause I don't want a scare like I had yesterday again
[15:51] αяує (aryebella): I cant even think what it would be like to lose one of my family
[15:52] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) takes a deep breath in and releases it slowly, 'it was quite an ordeal...fortunately we are all still here'
[15:53] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'oh!' she says suddenly, 'damn, i should really pack up as much stock as i can...it needs to be destroyed. Can't risk anyone else getting poisoned'
[15:53] αяує (aryebella): please make sure you wear protection
[15:53] αяує (aryebella): gloves ... sleeves
[15:53] αяує (aryebella): sleeves*
[15:54] αяує (aryebella): don't let a drop touch your skin and oooo a mask , dont breathe it in either
[15:54] αяує (aryebella): touch*
[15:54] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) glances around the room, as if to look for something, 'i don't suppose you have any of those medical gloves i could use?'
[15:54] αяує (aryebella): grabs a box and thrust them into her hands ..... Take the whole box
[15:55] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) takes it gladly, 'thank you, this will come in handy'
[15:59] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) takes the box of medical gloves and heads towards the infirmary door...she pauses in the doorway a moment, looking out through a window. She just hopes that stranger doesnt come back...maybe she should lock the door to the tavern behind her while she packed up the stock ready to dispose of. She would wait for Zel's go ahead before disposing any of it, but it would be best to store it out of reach for the time being. She sighs and heads out of the door...
[16:08] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) enters the tavern, and firmly closes the door behind her. Taking her key from her pocket she turns it in the lock, hearing a clunk. 'If anyone wants in they can knock' she thought, tucking the key back in her pocket. She had found some old crates, and so goes to bring them out...grabbing a pair of medical gloves from the box Arye gave her, she pulls them on securely, sighs deeply, and goes about packing up

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