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Roleplay Scene - Hunter Part 2 - Alpha Moon

Alpha Moon
Admin: Zel Colton
Created: Oct 23 '14
Zel Colton
Zel Colton Jun 6 '15

[14:25] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods, 'im better than i was...which reminds me...dont drink anything at the tavern, at least not yet'
[14:25] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'welcome back Zel'
[14:25]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): why?
[14:26] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods 'thanks'
[14:26] Άzæzєℓ ℬℓαckђℯαяʈ (azaezel): I am doing ok
[14:26] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) frowns a little, glancing towards Zel then back to Chele, 'there was an intruder some time last night after closing...the stock was tampered with'
[14:27]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): oh
[14:27]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): what stock?
[14:28] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'from what i found out...it was the bottled beers in the ice bucket...but it could also be the other drinks bottles and kegs too, so please dont drink anything until they have been checked'
[14:28]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): oh... well i don't drink anyway so...
[14:28] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods to her, 'ok'
[14:31] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods 'the other bottles are in the chiller clearly labelled for Aura to run tests on... I suggest you dont put anymore in that ice bucket Jenna'
[14:31] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) crosses her arms over her chest, glancing down at the ground, before lifting her gaze up, 'i should probably get right on that...at least make a start'
[14:32] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods to Zel, 'ok, i wont'
[14:32]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): did they tamper with a lot?
[14:32] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) shrugs 'dunno... ive not looked'
[14:32] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): the bottles from the ice bucket were laced'
[14:33]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): oooh
[14:33] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): with Devils helmet... commonly known as.... Wolfsbane
[14:33] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) furrows her brow in thought...she couldnt understand how they got in...there was no sign of a break in...
[14:33] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): an my keys have gone missing too.. cant find them anywhere
[14:34]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): strange...
[14:34] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods 'im guessing now thats how they got into the tavern when it was locked... they must have my keys'
[14:34] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'I still have mine for the Tavern' pats her pocket to make sure
[14:35] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): and some guy was here earlier in the Tavern... i recognised him but cant place him...he was rude to Jenna
[14:35] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) clenches her jaw recalling it
[14:35] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): scruffy hair and beard... dressed in woodsman clothing
[14:36] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): dont think he'd washed in a few days... he stank#
[14:36]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): vaguely recalls running into someone fitting that description... but that was ages ago
[14:37] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) shakes her head, 'i was glad he left...really glad'
[14:37] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): he came in the tavern asking who he had to screw to get some food
[14:37]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): smirks and just shakes her head
[14:38] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'if Zel hadn't of been there I....dont know what would have happened' shudders a little at the thought
[14:39] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) runs his hand through his hair 'he scarpered when i stood up from the bar and confronted him'
[14:39]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): nods 'well it's a good thing he was'
[14:40] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) gives Zel a knowing look, her eyes conveyed gratitude...'for more than that...i drank one of the bottles'
[14:40] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods  'I had to make Jenna sick... to get the poison out of her'
[14:40]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): pulls a horrid face
[14:41] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): she had to eat a load of Brak Bush leaves.. to induce vomitting
[14:41] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): there was no medic around... so i just did what i thought was best
[14:41]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): nods
[14:41] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): then made her a chamomile tea to settle her stomach after
[14:42] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) scuffs her heel across the grass, annoyed at herself, 'i should have noticed something was amiss...and not drank the stupid thing', looks up, 'but yes, the brak bush leaves and chamomile helped alot'es
[14:42] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) lifts and looks at his hand.. his fingertips still red from touching the powdered wolfsbane traces from the bar
[14:43] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) holds them up 'anyone know how to fix this?... i washed it off straight away but seems to have burned or something'
[14:44] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) almost recoils at the memory of purging the poison, but was thankful it passed, with quick action
[14:44] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks closer 'i wasnt aware wolfsbane could do that... live and learn i guess'
[14:44] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) looks to Arye, 'you have been working closely with Aura havent you? Do you know?'
[14:45]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): gives a worried look to Zel then to Arye
[14:45] αяує (aryebella): turns her head hearing her name called ... hmm I have a little bit but I still have alot to learn ... but I know where her books are and I could look into it for you if you wish
[14:47] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at Arye 'well... it kinda burns.. so yeah if you could'
[14:47] αяує (aryebella): nods slightly .... then if you will pardon me I will go straight away and see what I can find
[14:47] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) winces...if it can burn the skin, she shuddered at the thought of what it could have done to her insides if shed consumed a stronger does...pushes the thought from her mind
[14:47] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): thanks Arye
[14:48] αяує (aryebella): smiles again and nods as she turns and heads to the infirmary
[14:49] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'im wondering, Zel, whether you should have something put on that', looks at his hand
[14:50] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) her expression concerned
[14:50] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) raises both brows and nods 'well yeah... thats why i just asked if anyone knows how to treat it. its redder than it was this morning... even after i washed it off'
[14:51] AryeBella Resident: she slips into the infirmary and hurries up the stairs and search the rows and rows of books trying to remember what one she saw Wolfsbane in
[14:52] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) stays quiet, hoping Arye finds something helpful. She could see there was more redness, it didnt look good
[14:53] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) shakes his hand a bit 'its been tingling for a while now.. up into my hand'
[14:54] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) watches Arye run back to them
[14:54] αяує (aryebella): comes racing back down the stairs and across the yard ...... Well I got some good news and some bad news
[14:54]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): turns and instintively holds his hands up to inspect them
[14:55] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) arcs a brow 'good and bad?'
[14:55] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns... watching Chele
[14:56] αяує (aryebella): Good news is I know what to do ..... bad news is Someone gotta hold him down so I can put a tube down him and charcoal him and neutralize  the poison
[14:56] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): wait what... i didnt ingest any!
[14:56] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): i only touched it
[14:56]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): is there no way to make a salve?
[14:56] αяує (aryebella): it still in your blood stream it can get in just by touching it
[14:57] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) bites her lip and mumbles, 'but i did....i threw it back up though'
[14:57] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) now looks concerned as he looks at Jenna 'if anyone needs charcoal... its her... not me'
[14:57] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) looks worried
[14:58]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): drops his hands and steps away 'i hope this doesn't spread by contact'
[15:00] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) starts to look really worried, 'i drank that whole damn bottle!' hates the thought of charcoal
[15:00]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): i think, though, jenna... just to be safe...
[15:01] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) looks to Chele, taking in a deep breath and lets it out slowly, and nods
[15:02] αяує (aryebella): her brow furrows slightly .... Well I think it best that we get you both over to the infirmary ankeep a close eye on you and let me check the book for what else needs to be done
[15:02] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods
[15:02] αяує (aryebella): looks up and clasp her hands together and whispers ... <w> Aura help
[15:02] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) gives Zel a concerned look, before turning to Arye and nods to her
[15:02]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): shoves her hands in her pockets
[15:02] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) points to Jenna 'she is your priority right now'
[15:03] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) shakes his right hand again and pulls a face.. rubbing his forearm
[15:03] αяує (aryebella): points her finger ..... Both of you come on
[15:04] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) reluctantly follows her, but knew it needed to be done
[15:04] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) sees someone approaching 'hey BD'
[15:04] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): sheesh... bossy isnt she
[15:04] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'hey BD', she turns back and heads to the infirmary
[15:04] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) heads for the infirmary
[15:04] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) nods watching the others walk off "greetings."
[15:04] Azaezel Resident smiles at BD
[15:05] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) steps around the room divide, seeing Arye waiting there
[15:05] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) sits on one of the chairs and waits... flexing his hand to try and wake it up
[15:05] αяує (aryebella): points to the table as she is rooting in a box of vials ..... Jenna have a seat
[15:05] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) clenches her jaw as she edges onto the table
[15:06] Azaezel Resident: ok Chele
[15:06] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns.... looking down at his hand
[15:07] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) hears the infirmary door open and looks up to see Chele stood there.
[15:07]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): looks at Zel and then to his hand and sighs
[15:07] αяує (aryebella): scents Zel in the other part of the room and is worried about him too ... but orders are orders and he said to take care of Jenna first ..... grasping a needle she places it to the vial and pulls back a little of the fluid before she stands back up and looks over at Jenna with a weary smile
[15:08] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) eyes the needle, 'whats that for?'
[15:08]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): needle?!
[15:08] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) continues flexing his hand... glancing down at it.. rubbing his forearm with his left hand
[15:09]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): Arye do you need any help?
[15:09] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) sees BD enter the building behind Chele 'Hello again BD.. dont drink anything from the tavern... it could be laced with wolfsbane'
[15:09] αяує (aryebella): We needs to make sure since you ingested it that we keep your airways open so I am going to give you a shot of Atropine
[15:10] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) looks at it wearily, but understands the logic...she holds her arm out
[15:10] αяує (aryebella): chuckles softly and shakes her head .... I gotta put this one in your butt cheek
[15:10] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) hears Arye and chuckles
[15:11]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): chuckles slightly hearing Arye and steps behind the divider
[15:11] αяує (aryebella): circles the table and comes up behind Jenna and tugs down on the top of her pants to expose some flesh ..... I will try not to hurt you, but it still might burn
[15:12] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) whips her head around, 'what?? why there??'
[15:12] αяує (aryebella): Cause that where Aura said .... we put in drugs in the butt and take blood out the arm ... nodsnods
[15:13] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) pulls a face, well if Aura said so then so must it be...tensing a little she waits for the inevitable jab
[15:13]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): slaps her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh
[15:13] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) darts a look to Chele and smirks
[15:14] αяує (aryebella): tenderly she rips open a antiseptic wipe and dabs it along Jenna's butt
[15:14] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) flinches...was cold
[15:15] αяує (aryebella): making sure the area is clean and free of any germs she reaches for the needle ..... Ok, on three ...... One, Two, she doesnt even say three and sinks the needle home and presses the plunger administering the Atropine
[15:16] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) clenches her jaw tight but doesnt move, feeling the needle go in
[15:17] αяує (aryebella): grabs up the wipe again as she pulls the needle out and presses it against the spot and rubs slightly in a circle making sure to work the medicine in
[15:18] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) keeps rubbing his arm...shaking and flexing his hand
[15:18] αяує (aryebella): placing the needle and wipe to the side she rips open a smiley face bandaid and places it over the spot before she circles back around the table
[15:19] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) cranes her neck around, just catching sight of the bandaid and grins
[15:19] αяує (aryebella): smiles big and leans down pulling out one of Aura's special lumen lollypops ..... You dont know where you got this .... winks
[15:20] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) grins and takes it gladly, tucking it into her pant pocket for later
[15:20] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'thanx'
[15:20] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) crosses her arms watching the medical take care of Jenna.. looking through her bag . she pulled out a somewhat type of fruit. Reaches out to Jenna handing it to her. "Atropine has a large amount of Scopolamine in it.. Even with the shot.. you will not totally detoxify.. " hands her a guava fruit. "Eat this.. it will detoxify and counter side the effects of the medicine.
[15:20]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): giggles at the pair and turns to see how Zel is
[15:21] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) rolls his shoulder and frowns... his entire arm now going numb
[15:21] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) looks at BD, then to the fruit in her hand...tilts her head curiously and takes, 'thankyou BD' smiles at her and sets it to the side for now
[15:22] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) glances towards the room divider, as if to try and see through it...she was concerned for Zel, but waited nervously for whatever was coming next
[15:22]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): stands in front of Zel with her arms extended and waves her hands 'Grip my hands as hard as you can'
[15:23] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) shakes his head 'i cant move my arm'
[15:23] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) rummages through the drawers.. "Chele bring Zel this way.. help him stand and lay him down on the bed... it will slow his blood circulation."
[15:24]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): nods 'I see... Well you heard BD. We need to get you on the table'
[15:28] αяує (aryebella): nods slightly to Jenna . well all else the book said was to monitor you so why dont you have a seat in the waiting area and we will have a look at Zel and see what is going on
[15:29] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods, 'ok...do I still need to consume charcoal?' edges off the bed
[15:29] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) gazes at Arye.. "You mind if I help? I might be able to.. I've studied medical quite a bit.. I might be use to you."
[15:29] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) rests his left hand on his shoulder..rubbing it... wincing slightly
[15:30]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): walks up and lightly touches Zel's shoulder and frowns
[15:30] αяує (aryebella): glances over to BD and nods .... i would be thankful for the help, I am still kinda new with all this and all I have to go on at the moment is Aura's books
[15:30] αяує (aryebella): and then turns back to Jenna ... no not right now, but if you have any symptoms we might
[15:31] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'ok' steps away from the bed and heads back into the waiting area, rubbing her palm over the spot where the needle went in
[15:31] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) shakes her head. "Gastrointestinal decontamination with activated charcoal.. must be given within an hour of ingestion.."
[15:31] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot): There would be no point now.. Just rest Jenna
[15:32] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) lets out an agonised groan 'Arye.......'
[15:32] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) leans against the chair holding his chest
[15:32] αяує (aryebella): okies , chele can you help Zel we are ready for him now
[15:32]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): eyes widen as his color turns ashen... tiny beads of sweat forming along his hairline 'ARYE!!!'
[15:34] αяує (aryebella): rushes out from behind the curtain and rushes over to Zel's side
[15:36] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) eyes widen, darting between each of them...it was frightening how quick it was taking hold, seeing Zel in pain was such a horrid thing
[15:36] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) sinks to the floor.. holding his chest
[15:36] αяує (aryebella): she looks over him with concern on her face and she nods to the back of the room .... okies. lets get you back there and see what I can do
[15:37] αяує (aryebella): BD will you grab an arm and help me move this lug ?
[15:37]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): becomes nauseous as she sees him suffer... her hands raised to her face as she begins pacing
[15:37] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) grabs Zels arm lifting it behind her to act like a crutch. "Easy up big man this way."
[15:38] αяує (aryebella): grabs the other arm and lifts him and helps him walk to the back
[15:38] αяує (aryebella): huffs a bit as she gets him on the table and turns to the book again flipping a few pages
[15:39] αяує (aryebella): we need to get him hooked up tot he heart monitor and the blood pressure machine and see what his numbers look like
[15:39] Now playing: When I Come Around
[15:39] αяує (aryebella): Can you do that while I see what else we need ?
[15:40] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) face was contorted with worry, listening to all the commotion...feeling a little woozy, she ignores it and sits on the edge of one of the chairs, 'if you need help call me ok?' she calls out
[15:40] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) nods.. does as she is instructed watching Arye going through Aura's books.. cringing due to time constraints.. her eyes widen.. "Arye.. hes going into cardiac arrest we need to act now!"
[15:40] αяує (aryebella): You just rest jenna, me and BD have this
[15:41]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): fidgets about nervously in the chair as she looks on, wanting to help but knowing she should stay out of their way
[15:41] αяує (aryebella): she looks over at Zel and then to the book and points to the words .... it says he needs lidocaine to slow ventricular arrhythmia
[15:42] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) couldnt sit, she was restless, she walks over to the screen and peers around, 'Chele, you should wait back here' looking at her, concerned
[15:42] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) starts to get short of breath.... grabs BDs arm
[15:42]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): No! I'm not leaving.
[15:43] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) growls some "Lidocaine won't do nothing.. it numbs the body.. we do that his heart will stop!" rumages through the drawer.. finding a shot .. of an antiplanint as well as a beta blocker finding the blood .. directly in his central line of the next.. placing it there.
[15:45] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) gently rests a hand on Chele's shoulder, she could see the worry all over her face
[15:46]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): squeezes her eyes shut and turns her head away
[15:46] αяує (aryebella): mumbles softly and steps back and closes the book with a shrug .... most be an old volume ... she turns her attention back to BD ... so tell me what we need to do next
[15:47] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) breaths fall short and fast... struggling to keep his eyes open. the grip on BDs arm loosening
[15:47] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) found it hard to watch him in pain like that, she averts her gaze, leaning a little on the chair Chele was sat in
[15:48] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) "Arye.. please.. " she watches Zel and then looks back at Chele and Jenna. "Relax.. . he will be fine.. Arye have you ever heard of Aconite? It is a powerful antidote towards the strongest of poison.." she didn't know truthfully what to mix it with.. "We need something stronger.. toherwise this will kill Zel."
[15:48] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) shoots a look their way....'kill him??'
[15:49] αяує (aryebella): she shook her head slightly ... no but I am sure that Aura has some here , she has a little over everything ..... let me run upstairs and see .... she says and takes off with lighting speed to see
[15:50]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): lets out a long breath and doubles over in her chair... raking her fingers through her hair she starts to say a silent prayer
[15:50] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) "I"m not God.. I can only slow this down.. Hurry Arye.." she would breathe looking down at Zel. "Relax big man.. you are out of the woods for now.. the Beta Blocker will deformulate your attack.. " it was only temporary by this.. the wolfsbane would reach his heart if Arye did not find the right medicine.
[15:51] αяує (aryebella): she rushes up stairs and starts pulling on the draws looking to see what is stuffed into the pulling so fast she drops a few on the floor .... and finally she finds a bottle of what she needs .... FOUND IT!!!! ... she yells as she turns and rushes back down the stairs almost trippinmg on the way down
[15:51] αяує (aryebella): thrust the bottle at BD ... here!
[15:52] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) lays his head to the side... everything a blur and the voices around him muffled.
[15:52] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) gently squeezes her hand over Chele's shoulder to reassure her
[15:52] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) thats it.. "Arye you're a genius this will help!" she grinned at her. "Chele.. listen to me.. I need you to hold him down.. hold his legs.. this is the most difficult part.. DO NOT let him go..." her tone seemed serious.
[15:53]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): looks up at BD 'But I can't hold him down myself... there's no way'
[15:54] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) takes the bottle and begins to concoct the antidote.. see saw that Arye had grabbed Glucagon she could work with this.. "Shift if you have to! Jenna can't she's too weak from the treatment! HOld him or he dies.."
[15:54] αяує (aryebella): she moves towards the head of the bed to allow Chele room to come over and help .... looking back at Chele ... we are all going to help .... we are lycan we can do this .... nodsnods
[15:54] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'ill help!'
[15:54] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) leans her weight over his left leg
[15:55] αяує (aryebella): Chele .... you have to do this ,,, or are you just to scared to save your mate?
[15:55] αяує (aryebella): she knew that would get a rise out of her and make her get her butt over her eand help
[15:55]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): growls at Arye and catches her words
[15:56] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) stares at Chele, as she shifts before them
[15:56] αяує (aryebella): shrugs a little and looks back at BD ... well I think we got the muscle we need now
[15:56]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): lunges toward Arye only to nudge her aside
[15:57] αяує (aryebella): stumbls back a bit and allows Chele the room she needs
[15:57] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) continues to lay her weight over his leg, leaning forward more to take hold of his right one aswell
[15:58] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at BD 'my......chest..... it  hurts'
[15:58] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) she gazes towars Arye.. "I suggest you move.." she gave fair warning watching them hold him down.. getting a syringe.. and filling the medicine.. "Zel.. I am sorry.." she would then hover over the big man and lift his chin feeling around the middle of his throat for the main line in his neck.. "Quickest way to the source.." she would whisper and then she would infect the thick needle into his vein.
[15:58] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) she swallows hard, trying not to show that she didnt feel particularly strong right now...her heart seemed to pound
[15:59]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): watches BD intently as she nears him... her lip turning up in a snarl
[15:59] αяує (aryebella): she  didnt move far , she might be little but she was still strong in her own right ... she took Zel's free hand and patted it before she circled his wrist and hold on
[16:00] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) flinches and yells...feeling a sharp pain in his neck. Immediately his eyes widen ...body starting to thrash...yelling in agony 'It Burns!!! what did you give me... IT BURNS!!!!'
[16:00]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): stands near the head of the table holding his shoulders down
[16:00] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) presses down hard on his legs, her body jerked over him, 'hold him down!!'
[16:01] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) "HOLD HIM! he needs one more dose.." for some reason with Zel being a lycan a normal human dose wouldn't of worked..." she would fill another dosage.. of about 650 ML enough to knock down a bull.. and inject it into the point of Zel's neck.
[16:01] αяує (aryebella): she pressed her arm down and tried to slow his jerking ... seeing his legs start to thrash she climbs up and sits on one .... I got this one Jenna just hold the other one
[16:02]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): pushes down harder on his shoulders and wonders if Arye was right
[16:02] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) grabs at her arm... trying to get off the exam table...the pain showing on his face. Back arcs off the bed and head rolls back....his neck strained....skin turning red from the struggle 'IT BURNS!!!!!'
[16:04] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) holds him down harder still, as much as she could muster, though she felt weak in her body. she glances towards Arye and BD, 'i really hope you know what ur doing!'
[16:04] Ɗ'Zαίɼα ΣᄂIƬΣ Ɗęɱǫήʈέ  (deanna.moonwall) is online.
[16:04] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) continues to thrash....fighting against the women as his torso lifts off the table and an awful gagging noise could be heard. Turning his head ....vomiting violently
[16:04] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) she whispered gazing at Zel.. "Pralidoxime chloride... this is strong antidote.. enough to treat a full grown elephant bull.. this should do.. the medicine should take effect in a few seconds.." again she would then inject Skelaxin into his arm.
[16:04]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): lowers her head... resting it on his forehead... passing images to his mind in an attempt to calm him
[16:05] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) sighs gazing away from his vomiting.. "And theres the effect.."
[16:05] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) wretches till he can barely breath... vomitting off the side of the bed
[16:05] αяує (aryebella): she bounced slightly as she held him down the best she could ...feeling the extra strength of her lycan pushing up to help he... her brow furrowed slightly as she looked over at Jenna dn then back to BD
[16:05] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) still hold him down firmly, but attempts to calm him by rubbing her palm over his leg...she could sympathise so well
[16:07] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) stills for a second....gasping before wretching once more... falling back on the bed
[16:07] αяує (aryebella): as he sits up and starts to vomit she tumbles back and falls off the foot of the bed ...... and shakes her head when she see the mess he made ...... I am so not cleaning that up
[16:07] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot): The Skelaxin will take over.. and he will rest.. That vomit was all the poison in his body being rejected by his blood stream.. . He needs rest right now..
[16:08] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) tugs at his tank...sweat pouring off him
[16:08] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot): The wolfsbane is completely gone.. we will monitor him to make sure of that.
[16:09]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): pulls the blanket off the other bed and wipes the vomit off her forearm
[16:09] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) head falls to the side... eyes closing and breathing starting to slow
[16:10] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) backs off, watching him closely...hearing BD's words she sighs with relief, 'good'. She swallows hard, her eyes still studying him to be sure...taking a few steps back she leans into the larger bed, her head dips down a little to the floor
[16:11]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): wets one of the corners of the blanket in the basin and starts to wipe the sweat and vomit off Zel
[16:12] αяує (aryebella): steps back carefully making sure not to step int he puddle on the floor and starts gathering up all the meds and discarded needles and disposing of them properly
[16:13] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) takes a deep breath gazing down at Zel looking at the relief on everyones face.. she stayed quiet watching his breathing.
[16:14]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): lifts her chin and sniffs at Zel, giving him a soft nudge and lick to his forehead
[16:14] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) glances up, her palms resting on the edge of the bed behind her to steady herself, 'her brow furrowed, her tone angered, 'screw going through all the stock, im burning the fucking lot! Whoever did this is gona pay' she hated seeing Zel like this....she starts panting
[16:14] αяує (aryebella): she looks over at Zel and is pleased to see that he is finally resting but knows he isnt 100% out of the woods yet .... a soft sigh falls her lips as she turns and heads out into the other room giving some really serious thought if she can handle being Aura's assistant
[16:17]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): looks around the room at everyone before slipping out to find a secluded spot to shift back. She pauses to take one more look at Zel before she leaves.
[16:19] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) turns falling to the floor sitting again the examination table hearing Jenna's words. "There is still wolfsbane on the land.. there is no way that whoever did this was aiming for just the alpha.." this made her sick to her stomach..
[16:21] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) leans forward, still holding onto the edge of the bed. Letting out a few coughs, she looks to BD, 'No i think you're right...whoever it was, was trying to target as many as possible....the tavern is a public place, we all go there, 'coughs again
[16:21] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'who knows where else they targeted...'
[16:22] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) shifts her gaze to Zel, he seemed to be resting ok now but she was still a little worried regardless
[16:23] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) "Either way.. I will rip them apart.." she growled some her eyes had clearly shifted.. She wasn't one being known for holding back hate or rage when someone hurt her family. "If they put it in the tavern.. think about it .. it was for more than just one of us.." she hit the floor in frustration.
[16:24]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): walks quietly back into the room and smiles at Arye
[16:26] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) clenches her jaw, understanding BD' s anger about the situation. Her breaths were a little laboured, seeing the chair nearby she moves to sit in it, sinking into it heavily....she continued to watch Zel, glancing to Chele as she comes back around the divider
[16:28]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): stands beside the table and looks down at Zel resting 'How is he now?'
[16:28] αяує (aryebella): looks up and smiles softly at Chele has she comes back ... bruting for a moment at her lack of experience and what almost happened if BD had not been there to help ... letting out a soft sigh she turned on her heels and headed back inside to check and see how Zel was doing
[16:31] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) groans in his sleep
[16:32] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) leans forward in the chair, her head propped up by her right hand, she closes her eyes for a few moments...ignoring the subtle spinning of the room
[16:32] αяує (aryebella): shoves her hands into her pockets and watches over the group ...looking over at Jenna and tilts her head slightly noticing she was still a little green looking .... You should really lay down and rest too
[16:34] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) swallows hard and glances over to Arye...she didnt want to show that she didnt feel well, but was probably failing at that. she nods to Arye, 'yes, i will rest....'
[16:35] αяує (aryebella): lifts a brow ... not will ... now
[16:35] αяує (aryebella): we dont need you getting any worse
[16:35] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) stirs....frowning as his eyes open
[16:36] αяує (aryebella): turning her head back over towards Zel as he sees him stir a bit
[16:36] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) straightened up, hearing Arye's commanding tone, she nods before standing....wobbling slightly she holds her arms out to the sides as if to steady herself, before glancing at the larger bed, wondering if she could climb up on that
[16:36] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) turns his head to the right.... a blurred figure next to him. straining to see who it was but he didnt have to... he could smell her and relaxed again
[16:37] αяує (aryebella): lunges forward and grabs Jenna's arm and steadys her ... Ok woman lets get you laid down
[16:39] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) awkwardly climbs up onto the larger bed and sinks into it with a groan
[16:43] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) opens his eyes again hearing voices....seeing the same figure stood beside him. Blinking a few times to clear his vision... looking at her till it clears 'Chele?'
[16:44]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): takes his hand 'I'm here'
[16:44] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) opens her eyes upon hearing Zel speak, it was good to hear
[16:45] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) closes his hand around hers and frowns 'Jenna... is she ok?'
[16:45] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) breathing was still a little laboured but she sank into the bed sleepily
[16:45]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): nods to the other table 'she's okay... just resting'
[16:46] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns and turns to face BD 'why can't I move.... i feel like ive been hit by a truck?'
[16:46] αяує (aryebella): I think that both of you will be ok with alot of rest ... she glanced over at BD for some reassurance
[16:46]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): wonders if maybe she held him down too hard after she shifted
[16:49] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) "Sorry.. I slipped something into the Skelaxin.. I knew you would try to move.. so I put a type of muscle relaxer and a minor anethestia.. so it for force rest on you.. I apologize.. if you hurry and get up the antidote will be worthless.. and you will speed up your blood stream with adreneline.. and end up in cardiac arrest again.. You will not be able to move for a bit.." she could alwas counter act the anethesia but decided against it.
[16:50] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns 'I guess im sleeping here tonight then.....'
[16:51]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): feels a wave of exhaustion hit her as her stress level lowers
[16:51] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) "Jenna I apologize to you as well..I injected it into that fruit.. that is why you feel tired..I won't take any risks losing family.." she spoke low almost ashamed of it.. but she did what she had to.
[16:52] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) walks scooting a chair behind Chele.. "Here sit.. rest easy.. he'll be fine.."
[16:53] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) groans softly, looking to BD, 'you did? oh man....' she tries to fidget but could barely move a muscle
[16:53]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): nods in gratitude and falls heavy into the chair... she leans forward and rests her head near Zel's hip
[16:53] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) lifts his head for a brief moment to look around and drops it quick... the entire room feeling like its spinning. Retching and almost vomiting again 'woaahhhhhh stop the room spinning'
[16:56] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at Chele 'im so tired.....im gonna sleep for a while'
[16:57] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) found it hard to remain awake, especially considering the extra drugs BD slipped in there. Her eyes heavy, she slowly drifts off into a deep sleep
[16:57] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): thank you Arye...BD... Jenna.... thank you Chele
[16:57]  彡ღCheleღ彡 (chele.bowenford): nods sleepily
[16:57] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at her and closes his eyes...drifting off to sleep
[16:57] αяує (aryebella): smiles softly and nods .... Your welcome now get some rest Zel
[16:58] BD Lαηησcк (babydoll.hotshot) nods "Sleep well both of you."
[16:58] αяує (aryebella): sees them both resting ease and turns and heads out herself

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