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Roleplay Scene - Hunter - Alpha Moon

Alpha Moon
Admin: Zel Colton
Created: Oct 23 '14
Zel Colton
Zel Colton Jun 6 '15

[0:26] JennaGreentree: busies herself, checking barrels and re-stocking the shelves. Making sure the under counter shelves were tidy, with all the glasses washed up and lined up neatly ready to use, she checks the beer bucket. 'Still plenty for the time being' she thinks. Checking the fire was burning well enough to keep the place sufficiently warmed for the night, she starts to head towards the door, when something catches her eye, causing her to stop in her tracks. craning her neck to look out of a window, her gaze was fixed intently....was there someone skulking around the tavern? She frowns a little...there were always visitors, perhaps it was nothing. Watching for a few moments longer, she sighs and heads for the door, shutting it firmly behind her.

[04:34] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) goes on his morning patrol... the land is quiet which means he can take his time without any disturbances. Something in the air makes him feel uneasy this morning...something lingering and he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Little things here and there were not as they should be... signs were a scew....barrels tipped over...small bits of litter carelessly disgarded...someone had been having a field day in his domain. Clearing up as he goes around he checks every shaded nook...making sure no one was hiding. His inner beast was on guard...pacing under the surface and wanting to be released...heckles up and teeth bared. Suddenly stopping....eyes wide the hair on the back of his neck stands on end. A snarl rolls from his curled lip as he spins around looking...he was not alone but could not see anyone or anything in the immediate vacinity. His eyes scan the treeline and rocks...looking for signs of movement...his hands ball to fists. Unable to see anyone he continues to patrol...quickly heading for the safety of one of the buildings. Reaching the Tavern he finds the door locked 'what the hell....where the fuck did I leave my keys. I'm gonna have to get another set cut. Damn it' Turns and heads back to the caves...making a note to get Jenna to give him the keys to get copied.

[04:57] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) approaches the Tavern and nods in greeting  'morning Jenna & Lexi'
[04:57] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) rumbles softly as she could see her Liege approach. Lowering her head in respect, 'Good morning Zel'
[04:57] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) scratches his head 'have you seen my keys anywhere?'
[04:57] Now playing: Of Mice & Men - Feels Like Forever
[04:58] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'umm...no I havent seen them', she pats her pockets down and pulls out her key from her leg pocket, 'but i do have mine still'
[04:59] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) turns his pockets out 'i had them last night... they were in my pocket. Now I can't find them. Thats the keys to here... the infirmary.. the store.....everything'
[04:59] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): would just have a bemused expression on her face having just got to the tavern
[04:59] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'have you retraced your steps'
[04:59] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods 'yeah... twice'
[05:00] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) frowns a little, 'damn thats not good. Ill keep an eye out for them'
[05:00] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks to Jenna 'can you open up? I really fancy a cold one'
[05:00] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'hmmm maybe you put then in the last place you would ever think to look'
[05:00] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) shakes his head 'no... they were in my pocket... i always check last thing at night'
[05:00] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) grins, 'sure! I was just out here getting some fresh air, was rather stuffy inside so opened a few windows...door is open', she steps up to the door and pushes it open
[05:00] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'well lost things have a way of turning up if you dont look for em'
[05:02] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) hurries to the bar and pulls up a stool 'its gonna be one of those days... i can feel it. I swear someone was following me around earlier...but i could neither see or smell them'
[05:02] Jєηηα (jennagreentree): 'Ok, what can i get you both?' she smiles
[05:02] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'that sounds way creepy'
[05:02] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at the selection 'A nice cold lager will do me please Jen'
[05:02] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): smiles warmly 'im cool with anything good'
[05:03] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) tilts her head, looking at Zel, her face conveyed a slightly uneasy feeling...those kind of things never sounded good at all. 'Ok, cold lager coming up!' she turns and pulls a round
[05:05] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) slides a glass to across the bar to Zel, then to Lexi
[05:06] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'yummy this is good'
[05:06] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) happily takes it 'mhmmm thanks.. just what I need'
[05:06] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) notices small puddles of water accumulated on the floor behind the bar...'im sure that wasnt there last night'. She checks the seal around the ice bucket...nope, no sign of leakage. Taking a cloth she mops it up
[05:07] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) peers over the bar 'whats that?'
[05:07] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): watches curiously as she sips on her pilsner
[05:09] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) /me peers up towards Zel, 'looks like water...but i was sure id cleaned everything up last night', looks at the ice bucket, 'possibly ice, melted due to the heat' shrugs, and puts the cloth back under the counter. Though it shouldnt have been on the floor...
[05:10] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) gestures behind him with his thumb to the door as he talks 'that wooden sign out front was off one hook this morning... the barrels had been knocked over and someone had been dropping litter. The signs on the other buildings were crooked too... like some prankster has been walking through purposely messing with stuff'
[05:11] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'hmmm cuirouser and curiouser' she says with a smile
[05:11] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) frowns, 'that is really odd...i doubt any of the pack would do such a thing'
[05:13] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) pulls out a few lindens and slips them into the tip jar, before turning and grabbing a beer. Popping the cap, which seemed to loosen a little easier she takes a long swig
[05:17] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) sighed softly, the cool liquid was a welcome relief...the beer was still cold enough, even though most of the ice had melted in the heat
[05:18] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) turns his head slightly... picking up a scent
[05:18] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) hears the door open...turns and looks over his shoulder
[05:19] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) pauses mid swig, looking towards the entrance as the door opens
[05:20] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): she would glance at the person who entered a few moments ago
[05:20] Hunter Rhodes (dick3d) walks in and looks around, walking to the table and sitting 'who do i have to screw to get some food around here?'
[05:21] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) sets her beer down slowly, watching the guest as he takes a seat. Setting her beer down, she goes over to the table
[05:21] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) rests  his hand on the bar and looks behind him.... eyes locking on the man sat at the table 'we are a respectable establishment... id thank you to use some manners'
[05:22] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) narrows her eyes a little, but offers a welcoming smiles anyway, 'what can i get for you?'
[05:22] Hunter Rhodes (dick3d) watches the woman as she approaches, giving her a smarmy grin 'well hello sweet thing, come and sit on  my lap'
[05:22] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) arches a brow, 'thats not going to happen'
[05:23] Hunter Rhodes (dick3d): awww dont be all hostile now, i was just being friendly
[05:23] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): she would watch the situation carefully unsure of what would happen
[05:24] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) smiles a little, her head tilted to one side, 'not being hostile Sir' her tone calm, 'if you would like to order some food, i can get that for you?'
[05:25] Hunter Rhodes (dick3d) looks up at her 'well then, ill have your house special, if this place has such a thing?
[05:26] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) turns to face the bar....finishing his drink. The man seemed familiar... he had seen him before somewhere... but where
[05:27] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods to him, 'we do...today is the Venison. Would you like that?'
[05:28] Hunter Rhodes (dick3d) pulls a face and nods 'Venison, sounds good' Rubs his chin and looks around the place 'you know what, don't you worry your pretty little self for now. I think i'll come back some other time' looks over at the large man sat at the bar, taking particular notice of his skin markings
[05:29] Hunter Rhodes (dick3d) pushes himself up from his seat
[05:29] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): watches the man curiously
[05:29] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) shrugs, 'Ok then, you have a good day now', she felt a little guarded
[05:30] Hunter Rhodes (dick3d) moves closer, sweeping the hair off her neck, his body rubbing against hers 'yeah, ill definitely be coming back to this joint' grabs her backside and plants a stubbly kiss on her cheek
[05:31] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) snarls and backs away harshly, 'hey! keep your hands off'
[05:31] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) stands and steps away from the bar...eyes locked on Jenna and the male guest
[05:32] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): I think you should leave now....
[05:33] Hunter Rhodes (dick3d) holds his hands up in defense and laughs 'easy there big fella, don't want to rip a muscle. I was just leaving' looks at the female and winks 'i'll be seeing you again' turns and exits the establishment
[05:33] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) eyes narrowed, she watches intently as the guest leaves the building, relieved he was gone
[05:33] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'he was bizzare'
[05:34] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns... moving closer to Jenna 'you ok?'
[05:34] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) glances to Lexi and nods, 'he was'
[05:34] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) frowns, 'yeah im ok...' shudders a little
[05:35] Hunter Rhodes (dick3d) laughs as he steps outside 'time to bring in the troops' glancing back over his shoulder 'I can smell the money now' disappearing into the trees
[05:35] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) turns and heads back behind the bar...she still felt a little uneasy
[05:36] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) swallows hard, pushing her tongue to the roof of her mouth...a strange taste lingered on her taste buds, her stomach felt unsettled
[05:38] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) approaches the bar 'did he hurt you?'
[05:39] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) blinks slowly, looking to Zel, 'no, just got a little frisky is all', Leaning forward over the bar, she closes her eyes for a few moments, as she slowly begins to feel a little dizzy
[05:40] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'you dont look okay Jen'
[05:40] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) moves around the bar... resting his hand on her shoulder 'come and sit'
[05:41] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) pushes herself back up, straightening her back and nods to him, i think i better'
[05:41] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) pulls a chair out of her
[05:41] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) slumps heavily into the nearest chair and leans on the table
[05:42] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) pulls up the chair next to her 'are you ok Jenna?'
[05:44] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) stays quiet for few moments, her head dipped foward...that strange taste in her mouth would not shift, and she felt weak...she glances over the empty beer bottle on the bar and frowns...no way could it be that, she thought...she responds, her voice a little shakey, 'I....i dont think so'
[05:45] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns 'do you need to lay down?'
[05:45] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) glances over at Jen a worried expression on my face
[05:46] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) glances up, the room seemed to be spinning, she shakes her head, resting one hand on the table top she awkwardly pushes herself around, ready to stand, 'I uh...ill be ok'
[05:47] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at her 'no... you should lay down... let me take you'
[05:48] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) helps her up 'come on'
[05:48] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) pushes herself up from the chair...damn the room was spinning too much, she didnt like it...getting to her feet her legs trembled
[05:48] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) leans into Zel heavily, her stomach churned
[05:48] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks to Lexi 'im just gonna help her upstairs... wont be long'
[05:49] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'kay'
[05:50] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) helps her onto one of the guest beds
[05:52] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) sinks into the bed heavily, one hand clenching around her middle....her breaths came shakey and shallow....'what the fuck Zel...'
[05:52] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks her over... resting a hand on her head 'whats going on Jenna?'
[05:54] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) calls out 'Lexi!!! Grab that bottle she was drinking from!'
[05:54] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'okay
[05:54] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) eyes darted around, her thoughts whirled. She tenses her body, pulling her left knee up, she groans 'ugh...i dont know...this horrid taste in my mouth'
[05:54] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns 'what kind of taste?'
[05:54] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would grab the bottle that Jen had
[05:56] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'i got the bottle'
[05:56] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) groans, her hair clung to her forehead as she began to perspire
[05:56] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) holds his hand out 'give it here please'
[05:57] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) mutters, 'metallic, strong...'
[05:57] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): hand bottle to Zel
[05:57] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) thought it odd the bottle cap came off easier than usual, but she paid it no mind until now...
[05:57] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) takes the bottle... bringing it to his nose... sniffing it
[05:59] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) pulls a face 'this doesnt smell right'
[06:02] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) knows that Aura is out of town and has no clue about medicines or herbs 'jenna... I need you to describe your symptoms to me'
[06:03] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) swallows hard, her face a little contorted, she attempts to describe them clearly...'Dizzy, nauseous...shakey', groans, 'my head is dizzy'
[06:06] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) scratches his head 'ok.. im gonna go get you some water. Lexi... watch her please'
[06:06] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) pulls her leg up tighter and groans deeply
[06:06] JennaGreentree Resident glances to Lexi before closing her eyes
[06:07] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would just stroke Jens hair gently
[06:07] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) returns... slipping a bottle of water in Jenna's hand 'Jen... drink this please'
[06:08] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) opens her eyes a little, before weakly curling her fingers around the bottle and bringing it to her lips
[06:09] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) sips it slowly
[06:10] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) knows that he has to go to the infirmary and find an infusion to ease her apparently griping stomach 'are you going to be ok if I go look for something?'
[06:10] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'ill watch her'
[06:10] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) hands trembled, she nods
[06:11] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks to Lexi 'are you gonna be around a while... or do you have to go somewhere?... I need to go to the infirmary and try to find a remedy.. but I dont wanna leave her on her own'
[06:11] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would smile warmly at Jen'Ill stay here'
[06:12] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'if i leave you can punish me Zel'
[06:12] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) snorts 'mhmm im sure you'd like that'
[06:12] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): Jenna.. ill be back as soon as I can
[06:12] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): she would giggle softly
[06:12] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) starts coughing, she winces and she grips her legs tighter
[06:13] LexiDawn89 Resident: she would gently rub Jen's back trying to ease the coughing
[06:13] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) leaps off the balcony down to the ground floor and darts out the door.. running to the infirmary as fast as he can
[06:14] LexiDawn89 Resident: 'Jen everything is going to be okay'
[06:15] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) reaches the infirmary 'fuck!!!! Keys!!' looks around and feels under the pots outside... luckily finding a spare that Aura had hidden... letting himself in. Taking the stairs 3 at at time to the herb area he starts looking for something to help Jenna
[06:16] LexiDawn89 Resident would place a cold compress onto Jen's forehead
[06:16] JennaGreentree Resident swallows hard, her eyes tightly closed...her breathing was shallow as her heart seemed to flutter in her chest...she groans as an intense cramp begins to build up in her stomach
[06:17] LexiDawn89 Resident: 'Jen just relax Zel will be back soon'
[06:20] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) pulls out container after container... reading the ingredients... stopping at Brak Bush. Turns the pot around and reads 'Brak bush is a shrub whose leaves have a purgatory effect when chewed. In large doses, the leaves will induce vomiting. '
[06:21] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) grasps the container in his hand and darts back over to the Tavern
[06:23] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) stops in his tracks as he gets just metres from the infirmary... turning around on the spot.. eyes scanning the trees. A cold shiver runs down his spine... his inner beast scratches at the surface and snarls. Eyes flashing bright his hands ball to fists...claws threatening to emerge... something was not right... he could feel eyes watching him. Staying in control so his beast doesnt break free he hurries back to the Tavern... Jenna needed him more right now
[06:24] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) cries out as she doubles up, pulling the bed linen tight to her...she growls angrily, but couldnt help but whimper slightly
[06:24] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) bursts through the door... locking it from the inside and charges up the stairs... almost stumbling as he goes
[06:24] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would be gently pat her head again
[06:25] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) reenters the room with a small container in his hand 'Jenna... I need you to eat these leaves... they will make you sick.. so whatever was in that bottle will no longer be in you. Can you do that for me?'
[06:26] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) groans, rocking side to side, she could barely remain completely still. Glancing up at Zel, her eyes bloodshot, she nods, and tries to sit herself up more
[06:27] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would help her up as best she can
[06:28] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods and slips the pot into her hand 'good girl.. I know being sick isnt nice.. but its gotta be better than what you're feeling now... right?'[06:28] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[06:28] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods furiously, her face contorted
[06:30] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) watches her closely 'you need to eat all of those leaves Jenna... they probably dont taste great but still'
[06:31] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) hands Lexi a wooden pale 'stick that next to her.. she's gonna need it'
[06:31] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): yeah
[06:31] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would stand beside the bed with the pail
[06:32] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) brings some of the leaves to her lips and bites into them....she gags, shaking her head she pushes them fully into her mouth and chews them...fuck they were horrid! she thought...she chews them quickly and swallows them hard. Seeing there were still some more to consume, she grabs them and chews them quickly, trying not to gag
[06:32] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would hold the pail out in Jen's reach  so she throw up
[06:33] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) growls and pushes the container away from her with a disgusted look on her face
[06:34] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) takes the container so he can order some more for Aura
[06:34] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would keep the pail steady under Jen
[06:34] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) snarls and pushes the pail away, and starts coughing
[06:34] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'Jen the pail stays just in case'
[06:34] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would again holdthe pail steady
[06:34] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) crouches behind her 'Jenna.. id rather you chuck in the pail than on the floor or bed'
[06:35] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'me too i dont want chuck on my shoes' She would smile warmly
[06:36] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) groans long and deeply, as she coughs, rocking side to side and gripping the pillow tight in her fist....she could see the pail nearby, it would be good to have that actually, she thought...
[06:38] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at Jenna and recognises some of her symptoms.. the griping.. sweating... he is almost 100% sure he knows what she's consumed but stays quiet for now
[06:39] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) shuffles awkwardly nearer to the edge of the bed, panting a little as she pushed herself up onto her elbow, leaning over the edge....her stomach churned and her heart pounded...ah shit she knew what was coming...
[06:39] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would glance up at Zel curiously before returning her blue eyes to Jen
[06:39] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) turns and picks up a towel and throws it to Lexi 'once she's finished being sick.. place that over the pail and put it somewhere out of our reach'
[06:39] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): "pail is right here'
[06:39] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): "yes Zel'
[06:39] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): places the towl over her shoulder
[06:41] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) tightly closes her eyes...she'd had enough of seeing the room spin. She felt a little embarrased having an audience, after all it was nasty throwing up, but she thought fuck it, she had to get this it out of her. she starts wretching...
[06:41] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'Just let it out Jen its okay we dont mind'
[06:41] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'so long as you get better'
[06:42] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) bunches her hair tightly in her fists as she wretches harder, leaning far over the side of the bed she finally throws up, violently..
[06:43] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) picks up the bottle...raising it to his nose once more. Inhaling deeply he recoils and gags. Placing it down.. wiping his hands down the front of his pants 'Devils Helmet.... otherswise known as.... Wolfsbane'
[06:43] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'thought so after seeing your reaction'
[06:43] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would wait untill Jen had finished throwing up
[06:44] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) doesnt stop, as she grips the edge of the pail firmly...her body bucking with each bout of it
[06:44] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) eyes suddenly widen and he darts out the door 'ill be right back!'
[06:44] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'hmmm'
[06:46] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) dashes downstairs to the beer counter.. stepping behind to the beer bucket
[06:46] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'Let me know when your finished Jen'
[06:46] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) tries to catch her breath, her head was woozy, before violently purging more of it
[06:47] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'thats it let it all out Jen' She would have a warm gaze
[06:47] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) crouches down and squints... seeing a dusty substance on the counter just to the side of the beer bucket. Running his finger across it he holds it up and looks at it... hissing he shakes his hand rapidly and runs outside to the lagoon... plunging his hand into the water
[06:49] LexiDawn89 Resident: 'after you get it all out you should rest okay Jen'
[06:49] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) washes his hand thoroughly... lifting it to look at his finger which is slightly redder than usual 'what the hell'
[06:50] JennaGreentree Resident hangs half over the edge of the bed, holding the pail weakly in her left hand she shakily lets it drop to the floor. Rolling slowly back she moans loudly, and coughs..
[06:50] LexiDawn89 Resident would quickly pick it up placing the towel over it
[06:50] LexiDawn89 Resident: 'all done Jen'
[06:51] JennaGreentree Resident groans suddlenly...'no no no...keep it there'
[06:51] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) can hear Jenna coughing from where he is stood.. thinking to himself there must be something else he can give her to ease her discomfort he heads back to the infirmary to look for a tea infusion
[06:51] LexiDawn89 Resident: okay
[06:51] LexiDawn89 Resident would remove the towel and smile at Jen "you feel any better'
[06:53] JennaGreentree Resident sank back into the pillow...her hair clung stubbornly to her forehead, her arms heavy by her sides...she panted, feeling very weak....how long had it been since she fed? She couldnt remember..swallowing hard she keeps as still as possible...her stomach wasnt quite settled yet, and a dull ache made its home in her head...'ugh for fuck sake', she thought
[06:55] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) once again goes through all the ingredients.. picking up a pot of chamomile he reads the information "Used in herbal teas, chamomile is a smooth muscle relaxant that soothes upset stomachs and quells menstrual pains (the uterus is made of smooth muscle). The plant is very easy to grow outside, and forms a fast-growing ground cover that has the scent of apples. It is also a mild sedative that aids in sleep, especially during pregnancy." rubs his chin 'hmm chamomile tea should do it' sets about grinding and steeping to make one for Jenna
[06:55] LexiDawn89 Resident would place a cold compress on her forehead
[06:56] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods as he works 'yeah.. I can do this.. of course I can'
[06:56] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) pours the infusion into a small lidded container and heads back to the Tavern.. this was sure to ease her stomach and make her feel better
[06:57] JennaGreentree Resident trembles and starts squirming... letting out a deep groan she swiftly clings to the side of the bed and grabs the pail, violently throwing up more
[06:58] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) hesitates at the door... looking out of the windows. Something was still making him very uneasy and he didnt like it one bit. it made his skin crawl and his lycan senses peak. Rolling his head and shoulders he opens the door .... heading back to Howlers Rest
[06:59] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) wretches forcefully, determined to purge whatever was making her sick, as horrid as it was
[07:00] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would glance at Zel 'everything okay'
[07:01] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) takes care not to spill any of the brew.. the lid not quite as tight as he thought... heading back up the stairs he reenters the room. Scrunches his nose at the stench of vomit... walking around opening all the windows ot let some much needed air in. Nods to Lexi 'When she has finished vomitting... Ive got some chamomile tea for her to drink. It should ease her stomach' looks at Jenna as he airs the room
[07:01] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) shakily drops the pail to the floor, and slowly leans back, letting out an irritated moan, 'fuck that better be it', breathes shallow, her eyes closed
[07:02] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'good it should ease her stomach'
[07:02] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns.. knowing he is probably the last person she wants to see right now after he just made her so sick
[07:02] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would wait to make sure Jen was finished throwing up
[07:03] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) opens her eyes a little, glancing towards Zel as she watches him open the windows...was a good idea, as ill as she felt, her sense were still strong, and this room didnt smell sweet at all. She mumbles to him, im sorry Zel'
[07:03] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) cants his head and frowns 'what are you sorry for?'
[07:03] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'shall i take out the pail now'
[07:04] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) pauses, before glancing to Lexi...she mentally checks how her body felt..her stomach was a little calmer, she gives Lexi a reluctant nod
[07:04] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods to Lexi 'if she has finished with it'
[07:04] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'okay Jen'
[07:05] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would pick up th epail placing the towel over it and leavs the room
[07:05] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) crouches beside her and mops her brow
[07:06] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) looks towards Zel, she felt so tired...'that surely wasnt pleasant for you...seeing that', cringes a little, as she tries to get a bit more comfortable
[07:07] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) waves his hand 'dont worry about it. I do have something for you... i need you to sit a little if you can. This isnt as nasty... its freshly brewed camomile tea' opens the flask and helps her sit
[07:07] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): /she would dispose of the contents so there would nothing left
[07:07] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): before returning to the tavern to clean up the wolfsbane
[07:08] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) grunts, her body felt too heavy to move too much and so gives up trying. Craning her neck a little, she sees something in Zel's hand, and could smell the distinct scent of chamomile. Edging a little further up the bed, just enough to drink it and not spill it, she holds out her hand and grips the cup
[07:09] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) holds her steady 'easy now.. sip it'
[07:09] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would clean up the wolfsbane around the drink bucket wondering if she should change the drinks to avoid another poisoning
[07:10] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at Jenna 'I need to leave you for a little while.. I have to run tests and take samples from what you threw up. Are you gonna be ok?'
[07:11] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) brings the rim of the cup to her lips and sips it slowly...the hot liquid felt nice on her tongue as she slowly swallows some. She glances up to Zel and offers him a weak soft smile, 'ill be fine...you go'
[07:11] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods 'ok... just rest and make sure you finish that tea'
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[07:12] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods to him and sips some more...not wanting to rush it, she closes her eyes and holds the warm cup in her hands
[07:12] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) rests his hand on her shoulder then leaves the room
[07:13] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) arcs a brow as a strange female enters the room as he leaves...
[07:13] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): /she would hand Zel a container of the buckets contents "The rest i disposed of'
[07:14] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) hurries down the stairs to look for Lexi.. finding her in the bar 'what?..... you disposed of it?'
[07:14] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89) would sigh as she hands him the container full of what Jen threw up
[07:14] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'I took some just in case before i disposed of it'
[07:15] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'figured you want to test it'
[07:15] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns and takes it 'thats evidence to prove she's consumed it...check with me next time please before getting rid of anything' looks at her
[07:16] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): ''Zel i did take some out of it and put in this container'
[07:16] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): 'a good lumenite thinks on her feet'
[07:17] Alexis Rose (lexidawn89): she would hold up the container
[07:17] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) takes it 'a good lumenite would never dispose of anything at all without checking first..I just hope this is enough' takes the container and heads back out to the infirmary
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[07:18] LexiDawn89 Resident would glance at the lady
[07:20] LexiDawn89 Resident would sigh as i place the wolfsbane into another container incase Zel needs it
[07:22] LexiDawn89 Resident: 'Hey Jen how you feeling did the tea help'
[07:23] JennaGreentree Resident shakes her head briskly, having nearly drifted off and spilling the contents of her cup over the bed sheets. Lifting the cup to her lips again she sips it more...it felt nice, and it seemed as though she could keep it down. Glances up to Lexi as she enters back in the room, and gives her a small nod, 'i think so yes'
[07:24] LexiDawn89 Resident: 'Good to hear'
[07:26] LexiDawn89 Resident: 'if you need anything just gimme a yell okay Jen.. meanwhile get some rest'
[07:26] JennaGreentree Resident nods weakly to her
[07:26] LexiDawn89 Resident would smile before heading out of the room
[07:31] JennaGreentree Resident watches Lexi leave the side of the bed, and hears the door to the room close behind her. She continues to sip more of the tea until the majority of it had been consumed, except for a few stray chamomile leaves clinging to the bottom of the cup....her lips curl into a weak smile, 'he makes a good brew'. Holding the cup in her hand she rests it down next to her. Her eyes were heavy, as the edges of vision faded black..
[07:40] JennaGreentree Resident felt dazed, weak, but thankfully the cramping had subsided enough to allow her to relax a bit more. The room was empty, quiet...and that encounter with the male guest downstairs still bothered her...his unwelcome touch still made her skin crawl. Glancing around the room, she wondered where Zel had gotten too, hoping he was ok
[07:44] JennaGreentree Resident awkwardly shuffles to the edge of the bed, letting her legs fall over the side. Gripping the edge of the bed with both hands, her head hanged low as she tried to get her bearings
[07:46] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) labels all the containers for Aura and places them in the chiller to preserve the contents... they would need to be tested once she returned to establish exactly how much wolfsbane was used and hopefully give her a chance to study the plant itself and maybe come up with an antidote
[07:51] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks around the infirmary before heading back down the stairs... a frown donned his brow... the man earlier he had seen before but he couldnt place him
[07:51] JennaGreentree Resident tries to push herself up from the bed but drops heavily back down....damn that really kicked her arse. Staying put, she sits slumped over the edge of the bed, and begins to cough again...at least the nasty taste in the back of her throat had almost gone, but it still lingered
[07:52] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) heads the long way back to the Tavern... checking the area for anything out of the ordinary and giving Jenna a chance to rest
[07:55] JennaGreentree Resident stubbornly tries to stand up again but fails, she snarls under her breath
[07:55] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) walks slowly around the campire and up past the club... down the side path to the bridge near the lagoon... stopping to look out over the water.
[07:59] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) heads back over to the Tavern... pushing the door to enter. The sense that something was not right was still hanging over him as he headed back up the stairs to check on Jenna
[08:00] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) quietly opens the door and steps in... seeing her now sat on the edge of the bed 'hey... how are you feeling?'
[08:02] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) glances to her left and gives Zel a weak smile, 'im uh...better than i was', brings both her arms forward and leans heavily on her elbows, 'I feel so weak though...' she glances up, her brow furrowed a little, 'did you find anything?'
[08:03] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) frowns...shaking his head...eyes casting down to his hands 'afraid not. Ive left the samples all labelled in the chiller for Aura... she will have to run tests on them. Ill let her know as soon as she returns'
[08:03] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods and lifts her head
[08:04] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks at her and sighs 'I know what will give you your strength back' places his hands at the bottom of his tank... lifting it slowly up over his head and off  'feed from me'
[08:04] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) gives him a look, her eyes bloodshot and tired, 'are you sure?'
[08:05] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods 'very... you could do with some of my strength right now... right?'
[08:07] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) sighs and nods, he was certainly right. She flexes her fingers, allowing her claws to slowly emerge...well she could do that at least. Tensing her hand she looks to him...mustering just enough strength to strike, she drags her claws swiftly across his chest
[08:08] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) watches her as she feeds... barely even flinching as her claws make contact with his flesh. Glancing down he watches the slow trickle of blood trail down his Abs...looking slowly back up at Jenna
[08:17] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) rumbles softly, as a surge of energy ran through her veins and into her muscles. Rolling her shoulders back she straightens up. Bring both hands infront of her, claws extended on both hands, she tenses them...glancing up at Zel, seeing the fresh blood, she strikes again, only this time with more force
[08:18] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) grunts and winces... a little winded by the force of her strike. Arcing forward he holds his stomach... looking up at her
[08:20] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) straightens up fully, her body felt less weak as she firmly plants both feet on the floor. Licking her claws clean she rumbles...just what she needed. As tempting as it was, she was reluctant to take too much
[08:21] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) cant help but curl his lip to a grin... his hand rested over the fresh wounds on his abs 'errrr Jen..... you gonna do something about these?'
[08:23] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) looks at him, her eyes flashed amber, yet her expression was one of gratitude. She nods to him, 'of course' smiling she gets to her feet slowly....indeed she felt stronger, as her legs no longer trembled. Standing close to him, she gently wraps one arm around his back to pull him closer and leans down, licking his fresh wounds clean, and seals them
[08:24] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) rumbles softly 'thanks'
[08:26] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) looks at him. She felt alot better, but there was still a need to perhaps rest some more. She was still annoyed at herself for not spotting the signs that the bottles had been tampered with. 'I should be thanking you, Zel...what you did for me, thankyou' she smiles a little
[08:28] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) shakes his head 'i look out for my own Jenna... you know this. What kind of man would it make me if id just left you.... hmmmm?'
[08:29] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) nods, knowing full well what he means....He always did look out for the pack. She offers him a coy smile, 'I can still be grateful cant I?'
[08:29] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods 'of course'
[08:31] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks her up and down 'are you up to doing anything or do you still want to rest?
[08:31] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) was still troubled by the events of the day so far, but chose not to worry about it now. She needed to rest more, allow her body to recover. Feeding from the Alpha will certainly make sure she wont be resting too long. She eyes the bed, 'i better get more rest...', she climbs onto it and curls up, 'I just hope that....man...doesnt return'
[08:32] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods 'ok... ill leave you be'
[08:32] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) smiles, 'thankyou, Zel'
[08:32] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) turns and departs... leaving her to rest
[08:33] Jєηηα (jennagreentree) watches him leave the room, she smiles softly. She really was thankful he was here...who knows what could have happened if he wasnt...pushing the thought of that stranger from her mind, she closes her eyes and welcomes some sleep
[08:34] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) walks slowly down the stairs... the grain of the rail rough under his palm. Making the most of the land being quiet.. he goes to look for his keys.. safe in the knowledge that Jenna is getting well again

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