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Libby McMillan
Libby McMillan Mar 4 '16
Hello to all!

My SL name is Libby I have been in SL for over 9 years and still love it today.

I do not need to tell you about SL as we are all here because of it. Long May we all keep Logging in :P(clap)

Holger Gilruth
Holger Gilruth Mar 5 '16
My name is Holger Gilruth, Google has any information about me you need to know if you really dont know me
Bacon Mar 17 '16

Hi to all!

My name is Bacon and I have been on SL since August 2015.

A lot of my time spent on SL is late at night, I'm often online between 10PM - 4AM SLT, and I'm looking to meet new friends and try new things. Unfortunately, most of SL is dead during those times, except for a few clubs and sex sims, both of which I've grown bored of.

Nehem Resident

Hi, my Name is Nehem Resident In SL. I have been in SL since 2011, and I always love to meet people and make new friends. Please feel free to add me here, or to send me a message inworld. I love exploring, photography, and Any kind of fun event!!!

It's great to meet everyone!

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