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Abbie Abismo
Abbie Abismo Sep 6 '14

Let people know who you are in world. Make new friends and get to know others.

Abbie Abismo
Abbie Abismo Sep 6 '14

UPATE: I have endometrial cancer I was diagnosed in june of 2018. I am now nerly 50 and im trying for usa disability and it's hard. my finacnes are bad and my crdit is worse. Things are different now that Iam a cancer patient and survivor in real life and I represent that in sl also. I'd like to thank ms jo yardley of the 1920's berlin project for sending me a love gift through amazon from her and the residents, then two years later making that sim my forever sl home. I love the residents in the berlin project and i will go on to walk the cancer survivor's lap in real life in april t his year.

Go to hell cancer!!!!

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Cyber_Duke Owner
Cyber_Duke Sep 9 '14

Aloha, my name is Cyber_Duke and I am your tech. support. Contact me with any questions! Have a nice day!

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LadyThylia Beaumont
LadyThylia Beaumont Sep 25 '14

Hello. Inworld I'm LadyThylia Beaumont. I've been around for over 7 years. I tend to be a roamer always looking for new sims to visit, a good club, or just something fun to do even to just chill and chat. So far, many amaze me with their work in SL and the things they create. I appreciate all their work.

Zel Colton
Zel Colton Oct 23 '14

I am Zel... I am from England. I have been around in SL since 2006..although my current avatar is coming up 3 years old. I am Leader of a Lycan pack and owner of a club where I am also a dancer/stripper. Always willing to strike up new friendships.

Nehem Resident
Nehem Resident Jan 6 '20

Hi, my Name is Nehem Resident In SL. I have been in SL since 2011, and I always love to meet people and make new friends. Please feel free to add me here, or to send me a message inworld. I love exploring, photography, and Any kind of fun event!!!

It's great to meet everyone!

stormywillow Apr 25 '20

Hello everyone! My name is Stormy (stormywillow in SL). I am the owner of Estoria and Estoria Shopping District in SL. I also help run Dark Rose Publications and Write Now Publications. We are always looking for authors. So if you know of someone, send them my way. I am also creator in world.

I love to chat and meet new people. So feel free to look me up in world.

I am in the United States, CDT.

Lia Sharpshire
Lia Sharpshire May 2 '20
Hello i am Lia Sharphire also my name in world i have been on SL for 10 yrs and within those years ive tried different things from vampire games and Motorcycle clubs some have been good some bad. I have also stepped away from SL and returned im not sure why but i find myself returning i dont have many friends and i havent had any luck with love. I do enjoy listening to music and dancing and exploring and i take pictures i have on my flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/128120806@N02/? . I do enjoy making new friends so hit me up here or SL. :)
stormywillow May 17 '20

Welcome, Lia! Glad you returned - even if I am late in replying. laughing

I myself step away from SL from time-to-time, but always return. I hope you are enjoying yourself and finding new places to hang!

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