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Abbie Abismo
Abbie Abismo Sep 6 '14

Let people know who you are in world. Make new friends and get to know others.

Abbie Abismo
Abbie Abismo Sep 6 '14

UPATE: I have endometrial cancer I was diagnosed in june of 2018. I am now nerly 50 and im trying for usa disability and it's hard. my finacnes are bad and my crdit is worse. Things are different now that Iam a cancer patient and survivor in real life and I represent that in sl also. I'd like to thank ms jo yardley of the 1920's berlin project for sending me a love gift through amazon from her and the residents, then two years later making that sim my forever sl home. I love the residents in the berlin project and i will go on to walk the cancer survivor's lap in real life in april t his year.

Go to hell cancer!!!!

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XxLadyLizzxX Sep 6 '14

Hello, My name is XxLadyLizzxX  (Lizz)  in SL. I have been on SL since 2012. 

The club that I work at is having a theme tonight of Fantasy/Mystical from 4pm slt to 6 pm slt. You are more than welcome to come hang out with all of us. 


Virtual Nomad Support
Virtual Nomad Sep 9 '14

Aloha, my name is  Virtual Nomad and I am your tech. support. Contact me with any questions! Have a nice day!

AngelusDrabek Sep 22 '14

Hello. Inworld my name is Angelus Drabek (AngelusDrabek). It was recommended to me by a good friend of mine to check out Second Life and see what it was about. He was on Second life for over 6 years and actually met his now Real Life wife there so I figured I sign up and meet some folks and make a few friends to see where this road will take me. In the past few days that I've been on Second Life I've met some interesting people and love taking photos of places i pop into. I hope to meet a lot more people and make a lot of friends along the journey.

LadyThylia Beaumont
LadyThylia Beaumont Sep 25 '14

Hello. Inworld I'm LadyThylia Beaumont. I've been around for over 7 years. I tend to be a roamer always looking for new sims to visit, a good club, or just something fun to do even to just chill and chat. So far, many amaze me with their work in SL and the things they create. I appreciate all their work.

Laurel Bradders
Laurel Bradders Oct 23 '14

Hello, my name is Laurel from USA! and I have been in SL just over 5 yrs now. I love being a Lycan, fashion and decorating!, 

Zel Colton
Zel Colton Oct 23 '14

I am Zel... I am from England. I have been around in SL since 2006..although my current avatar is coming up 3 years old. I am Leader of a Lycan pack and owner of a club where I am also a dancer/stripper. Always willing to strike up new friendships.

Fayodra Heart
Fayodra Heart Nov 6 '14

Hallo zusammen,mein SL -Name ist Fayodra Heart (Fayodra Resident) und ich bin mit meinem RL Verlobten Eddi Heart (Edward Undamann) zusammen in SL.

Wir beide sind ein gutes Team und unser Geschäft ist :..Fuzzles Fun One & Two..:

Man findet viel kurioses bei uns,geht los bei Gebäuden,über Möbel - die nicht jeder hat,bis hin zu Tattoos aller Art.Und man kann auch Shops anmieten bei uns :) Einfach anschreiben Inworld !

Ich bin eher der bauende Part,heisst : ich mache alles was mit Primverdrehen ,Skripten und Animationen zu tun hat und Eddi ist der Künstlerische Part,heisst : er macht Profilbilder und Tattoos und hilft bei der Planung.

Unser nächstes großes Project ist die Simparade im Februar 2015 Unseren Stand werdet ihr auch dort finden und auch uns als DJ/DJane in Einzel und Doppelmodi :)

Desweiteren betreiben wir eine Beach Wedding Location ,sehr romantisch und  der/die Priester/in kommen in Hawaii Style.

Kommt uns doch mal auf Raptures Cove besuchen,würden uns sehr freuen ! 

Liebe Grüße Fayodra Heart 

Libbie Jan 7 '15
Quote from Abbie Abismo

I am Abbie Abismo in world in Second Life. I have been in SL since November of 06. I do things alone a lot in world yet have all these friends that don't speak, don't say hi, Im not sure why I am there friends, but I'd like to have friends in Second life who want me to hang out or invite me places. I see so many SL made "families" who hang out and actually live together. If you want a good friend in world Message me or notecard me and I will get back with you.


To me it's not about sex more than having fun and getting to know others, for some it's just about sex. If I want sex real life has better lies to tell folks, not fake sl sex. :)

I know what your talking about.. I have "contacts", why do they ofter to be my friend if i am only going to take up space?!?!?! I want friends to hang out with.. not take up space! 
Niffy Tyles
Niffy Tyles Jan 7 '15

Hi ! I'm Niffy Tyles, Out of all of my sl friends I'm the most boring, but people love me anyways. I enjoy standing around quietly while I have the chance, and winning at games. I'm not nearly as funny or awesome as I think I am, but I'm still pretty damn awesome. Send me a message or something if you wanna hang or get to know me! :D

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Serenity Jan 8 '15

Hello! I am Serenity Nansen, in Second Life. I blog and am also a Photographer. I'm completely consumed in SL, all my time is spent editing a picture or 12. I don't really have a whole lot of time to go out and make friends. I loathe clubs. I don't attend them often.

I have a standard in SL and I try to stay up to date on all new things within. I find myself shopping more than I'd like to admit.

I have a few friends, that's about it. I guess if you want to get to know me and be friends, message me. :)

Lyconis Jan 14 '15

Hello Everyone. My name is Lyconis and I've just returned to SL after taking over a year break. I'm a 2 yr old member of SL and have been involved in things such as Bloodlines, Photography and other activities. 

I'm a down to earth individual who is rather straight forward. Sometimes too much for my own good. LOL. I like meeting new people and making a few close friends along the way. If you'd like to know more about me, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have a great day. :) 

Ciera Richez
Ciera Richez Jan 15 '15

Heya :-)  I'm Ciera Richez.  I've been in Second Life since 2006.  I'm a former dancer, DJ, hostess, manager, director, model...I've done a lot in my time.  LOL  Currently I'm not working (by choice), but I do dabble in photography.  If you'd like to see all my photos, I do have a Flickr account, which is posted in my profile.  I will warn you...some are not suitable for children or work situations.


I don't do too much in world these days...I have my own home, and I'm usually either there or on a beach somewhere just relaxing and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.  Lately I've also been going to a club or two...mostly Big Daddy's.

Anyway, I'm currently single.  Up until about 2 1/2 months ago I was in a 3 year relationship with someone I was very close to for 6 years.  I thought he was "the one," but apparently he didn't feel that way.


I don't really know what else to put in here, so I'm gonna shut up now.  LOL  Thanks to all who read this, and/or respond, and have a great day/night! :-)

George Mureaux
George Mureaux Jan 24 '15

Hello Everyone. I am George Mureaux. I am a single older Gay male avitar in Secondlife. I have been there since 1997. I love making ndew friends in world so if you would like add me to your list. I am in Northeast Louisiana. I am a bighearted layedback type guy who just loves people and my friends. I will help anytime I can. I like to stay around the house fixing it up to look nice. I like to go on adventures, clubbing and nude beaches. Add me and give me a shout.



Trixie Feb 1 '15

Hi everyone!

I'm Trixie and have just joined Avatarbook. I've been in SL for 8 years and met my now rl partner Tendrik there. Still in SL from time to time but spend more time in Virtual Highway atm.


Li-Li Kuhmo
Li-Li Kuhmo Feb 3 '15

Hello everyone,

I am Li-Li Kuhmo-Fox in SL and AKA: Dj Shy Li. As that moniker might suggest I am a DJ in SL, amongst many other things. I have been in SL since March of 2013 and from that date to present I have been a dancer, host, DJ, shift manager, event manager, consultant, and a networker. Some of the biggest thrills I get in SL is when something I have had a hand it turns up golden. I may not be able to help you, but perhaps I know somebody that can?

I have joined Avatarbook to try to help extend my reach. I would like to meet more people and have them come listen to me DJ. I specialize in 90's era rock, grunge, industrial, and gothic music, but...I also love music from the 50's and 60's. I can appreciate most forms of music and generally I try to play what I think the people want to hear. If I am not playing your kind of music I can always take requests :)

I am what is known as a Para-emoter. You won't get a one or two word thank you out of me for a tip. Tips are how I survive in SL, they are a lovely gift to me and I make sure you know that I appreciate it. It is the least I can do in return for such a generous offering.

Please feel free to add me as a friend and I hope to see you in SL! Please be well!

JustWu Apr 16 '15

Hey All.

My name is Just Wu. Im now little over three years n SL. From day one with my hubby Louis Wu. We met in Sl and now live together in TL too. So one of Sls Lovestories i think ;-)

Im from Germany and me and Louis like to help others out in different ways. we have a little nice Place called Villa Wu where everybody is invited to feel home and use everything what is there.

So. any questons? Just gimme a message ;-)


Seraphine Butler
Seraphine Butler Mar 4 '16
Hi Everyone!  I'm Seraphine and I've only been in SL for a bit over a year and well i've not done much.  I'm looking to make friends and have fun. And to find friends that can help me get around a bit more show me the hot spots and just plain old have a good time.  I am partnered in another world.  We met there but we are coming back to SL more and more just to hang out as there is just so much more to offer but we do have a business in the other vw so that keeps us busy.  

I'm currently working on my avi trying to decide if I should do the mesh body thing or not.  lol  But hey if you are looking for someone to hang with wander around with or just chat please IM me inworld(LeslieA68) or contact me here. I'm very down to earth and tell it like it is and I don't subscribe to all the drama.  Shopping is way more fun with friends.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all.  

Libby McMillan
Libby McMillan Mar 4 '16
Hello to all!

My SL name is Libby I have been in SL for over 9 years and still love it today.

I do not need to tell you about SL as we are all here because of it. Long May we all keep Logging in :P(clap)

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