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Roleplay Scene - Aura, Zel & Slow - Alpha Moon

Alpha Moon
Admin: Zel Colton
Created: Oct 23 '14
Zel Colton
Zel Colton May 9 '15

[08:19] Auradai: Looks over the bakery items, debates on what she wants
[08:19] Auradai: It all smells so good
[08:20] Auradai: Finds a wee little crosant hiding under the bread, smiles and slips the vender some lindens
[08:21] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): hungry Aura?
[08:21] Auradai: Tries not to talk with her mouth full, hdjeu...gives up and just nods
[08:22] Auradai: This is the best time to get bread, its so fresh
[08:24] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): mhmm
[08:24] Auradai: smiles as she finishes her breakfast
[08:25] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) eyes light up as he talks 'nothing quite like fresh food... not served from packaging or containers.... its the best'
[08:27] Auradai: Brushing the crumbs from her hands she looks up, ummmm ya fresh is good" glups as she says that cause she knows there can be different definitions of fresh
[08:27] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) pats his stomach 'that reminds me... ive not had mine yet'
[08:30] Auradai: Her emerald orbs flash with a bit of mischivousness that puts a small smile across her lips, her arms wave around the courtyard, 'well Zel there is a lot of venders with food this morning ...pauses...unless you are looking for something in paticular'
[08:30] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) keeps his focus on her 'mhmm indeed there is... not quite what i had in mind though'
[08:32] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) flexes his hands... flicking them out either side of him to extend his claws... a wicked grin playing across his face
[08:32] Auradai: she makes a little sound and puts a finger to her lip tapping it as if to ponder, lets her face lit up as she continues her mischiousness, 'oh i know, i saw some fresh wild blueberries in the forrest, now there is a good braekfast'
[08:33] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) slowly shakes his head... stepping a little closer so she can feel the heat he is generating
[08:35] Auradai: his step forward radiates a heat that sucks the air around her, glancing behind see that the stall wall is there , takes a deep breathe and her smiles dims, well umm, she stammers looking for a thought
[08:36] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) gently takes her hand in his... his thumb caressing over the back of it 'you seem.... Nervous Aura. why on earth would you be nervous?'
[08:38] Auradai: Looks down where his thumb carresses her hand , heat and energy always make me nervous especially when it changes in the air, the air becomes charged and it grabs me speeding up my heart and ummm well nervous
[08:39] Auradai: 'anotherwards I feel your hunger and it sparks my adrenaline'
[08:40] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) eyes flick between hers .... a gentle smile replacing his earlier grin 'you say you wish to study us.... learn from us'. Moves his head closer... circling it around hers as he takes in her scent 'study me now... tell me your observations'
[08:41] The Land of the Lycans: We have over 40 Bloodlines across this sim for your bloodlines achievements.
[08:42] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) continues to talk softly...knowing full well the affect that everything about him was having on her  'analyse what you feel when a lycan is this close...how your body reacts.....what you feel....what you notice about the lycan' presses his body to hers.... the head of his skin penetrating her clothing
[08:43] Auradai: Dares to look up at him, searches for the scientist in her, her voice comes out in a whisper at frist as she looks close, 'Your nostrils are flared as if you take in a scent of maybe prey, your heat has raised some and your heart beats louder, the pores on your skin seem to be open and your eyes are haunting, she bites her lip and then licks the pain away as she looks closer then she dares
[08:46] Auradai: you radiate this charged energy and it calls to mine making goosebumps stand on my skin, my heart speeds and the more it races the more your energy seems to charge, your body is hard and tense as if ready to strike at something
[08:47] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) allows her to watch his eyes change...a low rolling growl emanates from the back of his throat... soothing... alluring
[08:50] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) looks over his shoulder... picking up the scent of another lycan... then returns his gaze to her
[08:50] Auradai: her own eyes widen as she watches his eyes change she can see herself mirroed in them held captive as a rabbit scared in the bush, he makes a sound that penetrates her ears moving to soothe the prey calling it into its demise, she notices also that his scent takes on a more wild nature of the forest it fills her
[08:51] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) moves like a predator... preparing to block every move she makes 'study me Aura.....do what you must.... Study me'
[08:55] Auradai: she moves from foot to foot, she reaches down to take a hand and lifts it up to study the change that has happened, turning it she braves a closer look at the claws that have extended, "stammering she looks back up from them, "how do they do that"
[08:56] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) pulls her closer...slipping his hands slowly up her sides...easing her arms around his neck 'observe my body language... my mannerisms...feel me' steadily guiding her to the flagstone courtyard at their feet... using his sheer size to over power her 'study every....little.... detail' pressing his claws to her side as they slice her flesh...drawing a moan from his hungry mouth as it bites down... marking her. 'Feel me Aura...study me...Learn...from me' Takes great care to tend to her wounds then holds her protectively to his chest... steadying her before helping her to her feet
[08:57] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) slips an apple into her hand 'eat this'
[08:58] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix): ((morning Slow))
[09:02] Auradai: Feels a tug from the hand she had been holding and before she knows it finds her self in the center of the court yard, the sharp claw she had been looking at is suddly peterating her flesh as she feels it draw from her veins, she gasps as she truley feels the trace of humanity leave, then his bite , she gasps at the pain , but then feels the saliva he applies take away the sting and she looks at him marveling in the wonder of it all, a understanding dawning slowly in her
[09:02] Auradai: ((morning Slow))
[09:02] Auradai: Takes the apple still looking on in wonderment.......she takes a bite not really tasting it as her mind whirls with thoughts and theroies
[09:04] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) stays close to make sure she is ok... ensuring she eats the apple 'you should study all of us... never assume one lycan is the same as the next.... learn from each of us. You wanted to do a full study... so do a full study... there are enough of us around for your research.' Points behind him 'Slow is there.. have you done his medical yet?
[09:05] Auradai: shakes from her thoughts, 'Slow, oh' a smiles crosses her lips again as she looks around Zel........"oh Slow, you got a minute'
[09:07] Auradai: looks around for the fast moving Lycan with the name Slow, ponders...then smiles..."There you are"
[09:09] Mal 彡SLOWPOKE 彡 Blackthorne (mal1369): aproaches and nods a respectful bow of head to the alpha
[09:09] Auradai: looks up and puts on a alluring smile..."so Slow, have you heard yet that I have been studying Lycans and Lycan health?"
[09:10] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) notices another approaching 'well good morning Filth'
[09:10] 彡Zel Coℓイoη 彡 (zeldonix) nods in greeting to Slow 'I think Aura needs to borrow you'
[09:11] Auradai: "I need to study all to know the differences '
[09:11] ƒíιţн (maniacalpith) 's ears flicker back hearing the greetings. Observing everyone he stood aloof.
[09:13] Auradai: looks at slow my face changing a bit, 'I may seem nervous, but I have been here enough that I am not afraid. If I can do this study we will know so much and if there is ever a need we will know about Lycan health and hopefully what to do to ensure the survival of the pack.
[09:13] Mal 彡SLOWPOKE 彡 Blackthorne (mal1369): crosses arms and looks apon aura
[09:13] Auradai: looks over her shoulder, Good Morning Filth
[09:14] Auradai: I woud like to schedule you for an exam please, not today but maybe tommorrow or the next, and also bring your mate'
[09:14] Mal 彡SLOWPOKE 彡 Blackthorne (mal1369): so redheaded human what studies are you in need from myself ?
[09:15] ƒíιţн (maniacalpith) huffs at the sound of study. He had pride in who he was since the day he was found as a young lost abandoned pup. Sure they were different from the average bear but he was sure not some lab rat. Snuffing back his ears flattened with a low growl. Turning his body quickly his tail followed with a whip of wind as he took off.
[09:15] Mal 彡SLOWPOKE 彡 Blackthorne (mal1369): alright i speak with her
[09:15] Auradai: 'Just a basic exam and ,,,,hates this part cause they seem to scatter when she says it,,,,so it comes out in a whisper.....and a little blood
[09:17] Auradai: "know i studied myself too, and then if I decided to change someday i will add that to the research'
[09:18] Mal 彡SLOWPOKE 彡 Blackthorne (mal1369): grunts in a low snarl with cool resolve but still a dangerous facade - my dear pain is but a tool sometimes to obtain ones goal laughs slightly in a evil under tone
[09:20] Auradai: Hides a grin, wonders if they have ever realized she is a little different from some Lumenites and pain had never been an issue with her, shakes her head though cause she sees she needs to get to an appointment...'please Slow talk with your mate and if you would I will appreciate it"

Zel Colton
Zel Colton May 14 '15

I have been asked to remove this Roleplay scene as 'someone' is not happy with the content and has made accusations. This is 'roleplay' nothing more and nothing less and the scene will remain. None of the particpants in this scene have done anything wrong.. and none of them have anything to apologise for. If you do not like RP then do not take part and do not read it. But do not ask me to remove a good RP scene because of your insecurities.

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