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Zel Colton
Zel Colton May 4 '15

I am constantly getting unwanted group invites... so I am blocking the people that are sending them as they come through. However this is NOT stopping them!. If I want to be part of a group... I will seek it out and add myself to it...I do not wish to keep receiving unsolicited group invitations. Can someone please amend the settings so that you cannot just add someone to a group if they have you blocked????

Cyber_Duke Owner
Cyber_Duke May 4 '15

At the present stage, group invitations works exactly like inworld group invitations - you can send invitation to everyone who is "in range" with the fact that if someone is constantly spaming you, you can flag that content as spam. (it's typically random, massive group invitations).


When we see that some user has many spam reports, and our system will confirm that, we contact him about stopping the spam activity. If he disobeys, unfortunately, he will be blocked.


We will try to include more privacy options in the future. Please keep in mind, that it takes some time, because our personal resources are limited. (AB is a non-profit, unincorporated, voluntary based project). For now its all based on a human logic and on the grounds of good behavior between users.

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