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Turn off autoplay of videos [Solved] | Forum

Susannah Mcminnar
Susannah Mcminnar May 1 '15

Hi there,

Can someone please tell me how I can turn off autoplay of videos?

Every time I visit my own profile, a video that I shared starts to play

Please help



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Cyber_Duke Support
Cyber_Duke May 3 '15

Hello Susannah, thank you for your report. It's a potential bug in the video add button in newsfeed status update area. We will examine that and let you and the community know ASAP.

Susannah Mcminnar
Susannah Mcminnar May 5 '15

Oh my...

I found another bug?     Good to know you're going to fix it!  

Hmm please remind me, what were the rules about finding bugs?   For each 3 bugs someone reports, she gets a pair of shoes?   sad


Cyber_Duke Support
Cyber_Duke May 5 '15

We are continuously improving the interface and each update will be posted on the forum. Please keep in mind, that it takes some time, because our personal resources are limited. (AB is a non-profit, unincorporated, voluntary based project). Thank you for your interest.

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