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Breaking News: 8-18-2014 - Maximum Championship Fighting

Jay Alexander Frost
Jay Alexander Frost Aug 18 '14

Breaking News: As we head towards Season 2, individual records will now be how people get ranked and earn title shots. In preparation for this Season, we're going to be taking the top ranked fighters in each weight class and awarding them the Championship of that weight class. For the Heavyweights, Red Blackheart will be the Champion. We're still waiting on a couple fights in the Super Heavyweight Division to find out who will be the starting Champion. In the Light Heavyweight Division, after his knockout victory over Jay Alexander Frost, DavidHawk Actor will be the starting Light Heavyweight Champion. In the Women's Lightweight Division, after a decisive knockout victory, Klaire Clary has set herself up as the first Lightweight Champion. As previously announced, points will be reset on 9/5/14, giving everyone a chance to make their mark and earn a titleshot.

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