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Where is the line between the Vernian world, and Space, the Final Frontier. - SPACE, the final FRONTIER

Moll Flanders
Moll Flanders Feb 21 '15

Where is the line between the Vernian world, and Space, the Final Frontier.

Jules Vern wrote, from the “Earth to the Moon” (De la terre à la lune) in 1865 and latter H.G.Wells (1901) The First Men in the Moon. In 1902, French cinematographer, George Melies made film title -From the Earth to the Moon-. Base on boath of thèse stores.

So clearlySpace travail and the Future, or at lest a Victorian image of what the future could be, fall with in the Vernian World.

BrendonPatrick MacRory

Humm, good question.

I would say to start with, the Vernian World is a view seen thrue a Victorian Era lens or point of view.

So, something like Firefly, which takes on a bit of the feel of the Old West, could be sen as Vernian, but Star Trek, Tron, Star Wars would not.

Dune and Star Wars become more of the question, they could be seen as borderline, some of the ascetics being ancient, Some what in the vain of JohnCarter of Mars ( this being based on a 1912 story by Edgar Rice Burroghs) In Star Wars, one se the influence the Jules Verns and other Authors had on George Lucas.

But in General, people do not think of Star Wars or Dune, and Vernian.

BrendonPatrick MacRory

Another distinction, in the Vernian, the authors use a “divergent” world of the present, that is, the connection too the reader is by starting with a the familiar background, We are Human, We are, or at lest start of the third planet from a Sun known as Sol, on a planet we named EARTH, or Terra, so the reader there for automatically has a familuerance with things, before they start to be introduce to all that is different. This is where, Terry Pratchett, is very different, the astictic of Discworld is Vernian, but he starts off each book, but reviewing Discworld, why it is different, this is his way of opening the door to possibilities in his writings, the Vail of disbelief suspended.

Thou the reader dose not realize it, it is important in all fiction, for the writer to pull back the curtain of disbelief, and to do it rather early, as part of getting a reader in to the story, and this feat is often done, with out the reader realizing it.

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