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MCF Official Rules for Season two - Maximum Championship Fighting

Jay Alexander Frost
Jay Alexander Frost Aug 13 '14

--During Fight Rules--

**Violation of Fight Rules will receive a warning.  Further violation will be docked one point for the round.  Any further violation of the rules will result in immediate disqualification loss.


-No hitting on a clinch - When a clinch is broken, both fighters must move away from each other before returning to combat.


-No attacking an opponent after a knockdown until the Hud says "OK, Let's get it on!"


-No attacking an opponent after the bell has sounded the end of the round.


-No attacking an opponent on or during the break.


-No attacking an opponent who is under the care of the referee.


-TKO rule is in effect, if a fighter is knocked down three times in one round, the match will be called due to technical knockout.


-Fighters are required to wear protective gear including boxing gloves, shorts, tops for women, shoes, mouth guard.  


-There will be no removing of the hud once the bell for round 1 has sounded.  If you remove your hud during the fight to re-attach you will be disqualified.


-If a fighter crashes or logs, the round will be immediately stopped and the win will be awarded to the other fighter via forfeit.


-If a fighter exits the ring, they have ten seconds.  Commentary will keep track of the seconds.   


-If your fighter has been knocked down and the bell rings to end the round, the count will continue and if the fighter can not get up before the 10 count, the KO will be counted as ending at 3 minutes 0 seconds of that round.


-If you are in a bout and your hud locks up, this is a design of the hud to simulate weakness in appendages or extreme fatigue, this is not an excuse to stop a match or complain about a decision.  If you decide to stop the match in the middle of a round, it will be counted as a forfeit loss.


-For Rankings, a win will earn you 10 points (+10), a loss will cost you 5 points (-5)


-As far as rankings go, once a title match has been announced, if either competitor loses or wins a match at any team/gym show, that will not cost them the title match


-If both fighters are knocked down at the same time, if this is for the third time, if both get up, the fight will continue as if both still only have 2 knockdown.  If one can't get up before the 10-count, that's a knockout for the opponent.  If both are down for the 10-count, the fight ends in a Double KO and will go to the Judge's scorecards to determine a winner.  


--Other Rules--

-No fighter will engage in two MCF hosted fights in two consecutive weeks, this means that if you fight at MCF and then have a Gym Fight, you are still eligible to fight on both cards but you will not be able to fight in two consecutive episodes of MCF Full Force.


Judges- Will judge round by round on criteria such as strikes landed (accuracy), Defensive strategy, controlling the center, affective aggression, knockdowns are a clear idea of who is winning the round.  Winner of the round will be awarded 10 points unless docked by referee and opponent will earn 9 unless they were not aggressive in which case they would earn 8.


-Judges will be the two people at commentary (three if available), any contest ending in a tie of score shall be given an extra round for sudden death.


-Matches will be 5 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute respite in between rounds


-Championship Matches will be 10 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute respite in between rounds


-Fight cards will be sent out right after a show is complete so everyone has a week to prepare for their fight.


-If a fighter can not or does not make their scheduled fight, a substitute will be accepted, first option will go to that fighter's gym/team.  The substitute can not be anyone who fought the week prior or is scheduled for the week after.


-The Boxing Hud has final say, a knockdown is a knockdown, a KO is a KO.  There is no arguing about the decision.


-Complaints about the decisions for fight endings will be heard and then acknowledged but the final decisions will stand.  Further complaint could result in a fighter being suspended.  


-No decisions will be over-turned.  If there is a fault in the hud that we can work around, we will implement changes moving forward but any decision already made will stand.


-There will be no alt fighters, if you are suspected of being an alt of a current MCF fighter, you will be suspended indefinitely pending a voice interview to confirm that the fighter is not an alt.  


-Conduct between fighters or gym owners should be cordial and attempted to keep within entertaining venues.  If anyone feels a line is crossed, both people will be sent an IM by the MCF Official and the argument will end immediately with both people getting off mic.  If this is not understood the individuals could face suspension.  Remember that people will be watching us.  


-Team specific shows, a gym/team may only hold one MCF sponsored show per month.  Meaning if a gym/team wants to run their own show, the fights will be considered as sparring matches UNLESS the show is approved by MCF Officials and that approval may only happen one time in a calendar month.  Special proviso: If two teams want to battle head to head for a special MCF regulated show, that doesn't count against either gym/team for the month.  Only MCF Officiated shows will count for MCF professional records and ranking points.  


-Teams/Gyms are encouraged to have their own Championships, like territories.  


-Team/Gym specific shows do have the option of challenging the Men's or Women's World Boxing Champion if one of their fighters is # 1 or # 2 Contender.  This fight must be accepted by the Champion and that is of course pending their availability. 

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