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Maximum Championship Fighting presents: Full Force 15 Season 3 Finale @ MCF Rumble Arena - Back vs Alasdair | Forum

Jay Alexander Frost
Jay Alexander Frost Dec 17 '14

This is it! The time has come! Maximum Championship Fighting presents the Season 3 Finale Full Force 15! Last week we found out who the Contenders are and this week we will see the Championships being defended! 4 Epic fights. Each Fight is scheduled for 10 Rounds. This is the biggest Professional Boxing Event on the grid! Join us this Friday at 4 PM SLT @ the MCF Rumble Arena!

Here is the card:

Match one: MCF Amateur Championship
Keise Magee vs Francesco Braken

Match two: MCF Heavyweight Championship
Montecore Babcock vs Derek Splifstar (c)

Match three: MCF Light Heavyweight
Malkin Mistery (c) vs Ryan Cullen

Main Event: MCF Super Heavyweight Championship
Tupac Back (c) vs Cuilin Alasdair

**Card is subject to change at any time**

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bid/86/223/21

Website: http://mcf.ch.vu