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AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS 25 Aesthetic Daffy Neckline Shirts (Fitted Mesh)


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Item Name AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS 25 Aesthetic Daffy Neckline Shirts (Fitted Mesh)
Details https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AmAzINg-CrEaTiOnS-25-Aesthetic-Daffy-Neckline-Shirts-Fitted-Mesh/8730365

Please try the demo first to check if the t-shirt fits your avatar's body. So please, no money back requests for fittings issues.

This is a Fitted Mesh T-shirt designed exclusively for the Aesthetic mesh body from Niramyth. It will NOT fit the standard SL body or any other brand of mesh bodies. So please again, no money back requests if you bought it for any other body. 

The T-shirt is worn as one piece and, since it is Fitted Mesh, it comes in just one size without an Alpha layer (if needed, you may use the Aesthetic Alpha-HUD to hide exposed parts of your body). The included Fabrics-HUD can be used to choose any of the 25 available designs, while you can further colorize endlessly the chosen fabric via the included Color-HUD. To reset the chosen fabric back to its original color, select the white color in the Color-HUD.


• 1 Fitted Mesh size for Niramyth's Aesthetic mesh body

• Fabrics-HUD with 25 designs

• Color-HUD for colorizing endlessly the selected fabric

Price 155.00 L$
Item Permissions New
Category Apparel
Added May 14 '16

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