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About the Item Hello folks,

SHOUTcast® streams for Avatarbook members, specially for DJs, club owners and performers here (all "commercial" inworld usage allowed), are available on demand. Just drop me a message by clicking the button below and I will send you your stream url and login credentials. All streams are activated and ready for immediate use, with 1 week free trial.


1. SHOUTcast v1, 50 listeners, up to 192Kbps, unlimited bandwidth.

2. Supported by Avatarbook support.

3. Uptime 99% guaranty, hosted on our servers, fully provided by us.

4. Payment options - InWorld

5. Money back guarantee - If the stream server goes down for more than 30 min, I just give you back your full monthly fee, with no hassle and no drama.

6. 1 week free trial ! - You can test your stream for free, before you pay...you know..because we care! (feel free to make your review in comments after)

Price: 28 days - 200 L$ (0,8 US$)

Feel free to ask me about your custom options or needs, if any. I am sure that we can do that:)
Price 200.00 L$
Item Condition New
Category Services
Audio and Video
Added Feb 7 '16

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