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Read on... after the description, you will see my offer to members of Avatarbook.

Our most popular line of Virtual K9 Companion is the Rhoda Menu Pup
These function on an advanced drop down menu. 
Touch dog for choices. 
*The dog is L$600 - accessible for any budget. 
*The dog is simple to operate, even to new residents. 
*The prices will remain fixed for all breeds 
*The menu give options for sound, wander, random, lay down, sit, follow, attack, stay, set home, go home, name, range, access, and a unique "kill" button to stop all activity and reset the dog. 
*There is a control choice. Touch "control" , and you can steer the dog using keyboard arrows for precision movement. 
*The dog can be worn (attached) without having to edit. 
This will allow tp and flight with dog, as well as walking in no build areas. 
When you walk, their legs will move, and when you stop, they will stop. 
*The dogs can be petted. 
*UPDATES- The box your dog comes in is copiable, and is an automatic updater. 
Keep your box, and when an update is announced, just rez, and touch your box for an update. If you do not belong to the groups, then just rez the box when you wish to receive the most recent version of your dog! 
Support service of course is at your fingertips 24/7, in the fashion that Dogland has become known for. I invite IM at any hour. Your IM goes to my email, and am alert buzzer tells me I am needed. You can also email me direct with any questions

Contact me here on Avatarbook, and pay 1/2 price for any dog. That is L$300 for the breed of your choice.  I will meet with you in world, and conduct the transaction with you!

If you can not afford a dog, we have a couple types of free dogs to provide.   

Price 300.00 L$
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Added Apr 11 '15

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