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Lucky Box Vendor - Grid Wide Sploder Alternative - Owners Never Pay In! 100% Legal, and FREE!

Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lucky-Box-Tracker-HUD-Grid-wide/12765019

== Lucky Box Vendor ==

Q: Why is the Lucky Box Vendor so Popular? 
Because it dispenses Lucky Boxes! They are improves your luck! You can supporting your favorite venue.

Q: Why does the Lucky Box Vendor give back earnings from the sale of Lucky Boxes? 
The intent of the Lucky Box Vendor is to promote community, support venues and to offer residents some fun. The Lucky Boxes meets these goals in of itself but giving back earnings just makes it that much more enjoyable.

Q: Isn't the Lucky Box Vendor a sploder? 
Many people think the Lucky Boxes is exactly like a sploder with good reason, it is very similar but there is one major difference. The Lucky Box is a vendor that sells Lucky Box designed to increase your luck. Giving back the earnings from the Lucky Boxes Vendor is just fun for everyone including the Lucky Boxes developer. :)

Fun facts: 
- Like a sploder, the vendor gives most of the lindens spent on its products back to the customers. 
- Like a sploder, the owner (that is you) earns 10% 
- Like a sploder, Loyalty Awards are given out immediately after the sales cycle ends. 
- Like a sploder, some customers will receive awards much greater than the cost of the egg they purchased while others. 
- Like a sploder, customers stick around to see the results and more often than not, stick around for several rounds. This not only builds traffic but while they are waiting for the sales cycle to end they will be looking around at your offerings, tipping your DJ etc. 
- Like a sploder, the Lucky Box Vendor produces excitement and conversation which adds to your venues desirability.


- Rez the Lucky Box Vendor in your home, club or store. 
- Give the Vendor debit permission like you would any other vendor or sploder. 
- The Lucky Box Vendor will then configure itself and enter the current sales cycle.

Lucky Box Group: http://world.secondlife.com/group/1bbd923e-cdb2-cb59-90c3-b3ba8d597acb

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