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The Twisted madness has begun! Come by Roped Passions and bring your friends! Let's get this price down low so we can all benefit!

Find the (RP) Severina Crimson Hooded Outfit in the Riot Vend at Roped Passions # 18 on the Twisted Hunt Damned! Stop by the store, find the cube and then call your friends and call out to the Twisties in the Twisted Hunt Group and let's bring that price down to the best possible deal!

When you buy this outfit, you will receive the hooded top, skirt, shoes, necklace, arm cuffs, belt and staff! Shown on the Legacy Mesh Body.


And the famous Twisted Cube Halo that makes it appearance every hunt from Roped Passions! This you can find in the side hunt as one of the many prizes!

Twisted Hunt Damned - September 1st - 30th  https://www.twistedhunt.com/   Roped Passions #18


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